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Ottawa IPv6 Summit - April 29, 2011

Official site: IPv6

Event to Explain Changes that IPv6 Will Bring

Today most Internet communication happens over Internet Protocol version 4 (or IPv4). However, IPv4 only has enough addresses for about 4 billion devices. The population of our planet well exceeds 6 billion, and with more people getting connected to the Internet IPv4 just cannot scale. At the current rate of consumption of IPv4 addresses, we will run out in mid-2011.

IPv6, the successor to IPv4, was designed to provide several advantages over its predecessor. For one, IPv6 will allow for a very large number of addresses – enough to not have to worry about exhaustion. It also eliminates the need for NAT, improves QoS, adds support for address mobility, and makes configuring a small network a breeze.

This event targets hands-on IT managers, of both business and government divisions, semi-pro hobbyists, and computer enthusiasts alike. Join us and learn about the Internet of tomorrow.


Willing to Help

Core team:


  • 12 people volunteered to help out with random tasks at OCLUG Sept meeting.
  • There is a mailing list for the volunteers: ipv6ottawa2011-at-freelists-dot-org
  • If you have any questions you can email



  • full day event with three tracks:
    • intro/business case stream,
    • technical stream, and
    • a “put IPv6 on your laptop” demo room.
  • held on a local campus (Ottawa, Carleton, Alognquin),
  • ask local ISPs to feed us native IPv6 into the event,
  • seek out local companies that do ipv6 and invite them.


What was done

  • Bart talked to Owen Delong (from, who will come; we have to pick a date he is not busy on (see below).
  • Bart has collected names of a dozen volunteers at Sept meeting, and setup a mailing list.
  • MCR has asked local ISPs about providing us with IPv6 feeds, also speakers.
  • Bart invited some speakers, see OttawaIPv6SummitSpeakerInvite
  • progress on finding a venue, see OttawaIPv6SummitVenue
  • progress on setting up a website, see OttawaIPv6SummitWebSite
  • James is contacting the different Ottawa technical groups, see OttawaIPv6GroupInvites

Other ideas

  • invite Ottawa ipv6-ready ISPs/companies, like TekSavvy (maybe sponsor opportunity)?
  • EION is a local company that does IPv6 on their products.
  • does OCLUG have funds to bring in other ipv6 super stars?


  • pick a venue and date
  • Bart: coordinate with Owen Delong's availability (his sechdule).
  • Bart: confirm that will cover all of Owen's expenses.
  • John: see if we can get uOttawa space.
  • MCR: see if a local ISP can get us IPv6.
  • Lisa: will look into software or services that we could use for accepting registrations, posting schedule, and printing badges
    • Note: If there are any other needed software/service tasks, please add them here.


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