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IPv6 Summit T-Shirt

Official site: IPv6

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  1. they have a pickup in Ottawa and have a turnaround as fast as 24h.
I am running a conference in Ottawa on April 29th ( ) and would like to get some quotes.

Quote 1:
I don't have the final numbers yet, but I am expecting 150-250
t-shirts in several sizes.

The front of the t-shirt is to have a 2 colour logo (black and blue).

The back will contain several logos of our sponsors and a text
message.  I am not sure yet if I need colour on the back, so please
provide me an idea of what the difference would be.

Quote 2:
I am also considering a smaller run of polo shirts with a pressed or
embroidered 2 colour logo.  What would this cost for say 20-25 shirts.
 The back of the polo shirt will be blank.

I assume that I can get you a vector EPS or SVG file with the design.

Lastly, I would also like to know what the turn around time is, and if
there are discounts regarding the time frame.


Quantity: 250
Model: Gildan 2000 t-shirt in any color (S-XL)
Number of prints: 2 - front and back - 2 colors and 1 color – 
Price per unit: $8.50
Total price : $2125.00

Quantity: 25
Model: Gildan 3800 polo in any color (S-XL)
Number of prints: 1 - front - any number of colors – 
Price per unit: $20.00
Total price : $500.00

Possible Vint Cerf quotation to use on back of shirt:

It was 1977, we thought we were doing an experiment. The problem was, the experiment never ended

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