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OCLUG Board meeting

Date: 2012-11-28, 19:30 Location: RGB's house


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  • Committes
    • User Group Connect
    • Volunteers
  • Servers
  • Finance Report
  • Other Business


  • Richard Guy Briggs
  • Rob Echlin
  • Scott Murphy
  • Aaron Wilcox
  • Ian Gorman


  • Mike Kenzie

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      Aaron mailed 2 letters, one to their P.O. box and other to their Canadian corporate
      No further word has been received from MCR (470 Dawson Ave.) about it.


  • User Group Connect
    • Little has been done since the last meeting. Rob sent a note to Shopify.

Shopify replied with a Memorandum of Understanding. Rob signed it and returned it. We will need to hire security guard for 8 hours.

  • Volunteers
    • Aaron reports he sent out an email to volunteers to call for a meeting.


      tuxbis needs a reboot to free up RGB's wattmeter.
      First pass suggests that everything is prepared for a switch over from tux to tuxbis.
      tux also needs a reboot to change it over to the ATS.

Finance Report

  • Nothing to report.

Other Business

  • A new bank card has been received in the mail. We await the seperately mailed PIN. (It has arrived since the meeting.)

Meeting adjourned at 21:03.

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