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PRESENT: John, Bart, Ian, James, Lisa, Michael. Started: 20:15.


  1. can not eat in room.
  2. boxes? vs buffer?
  3. there is some place to eat upstairs.
  4. can we setup the boxes to be given out on the second floor?

ACTION: mcr has sent out an email to Bytown Catering.


ACTION John to contact Telfer Dean to send out request to his IT, and CCS.

MCR reported on primary position (ORION/UofO) connection, secondary is tunnel to OTTIX, third is DSL on 'copper'

3) DISCUSSION about web site CSS.

4) SPEAKERS. - ACTION: Bart to finalize Owen and Mark Blanchet. - ACTION: MCR to track down Eion and Google evangelist.

5) Other groups: - ACTION: PC users Group, MAC LUG, Java users Group, Engsoc.

6) OLD BUSINESS. - ACTION: Ian nightly dump. - ACTION: Ian mysql password… tried to change it, but failed. - ACTION: Ian fix logo… - ACTION: twitter,, etc.

We have given up on two columns for two streams.

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