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OCLUG Board Meeting September 24, 2018



  • Bruce Davis (x)
  • Ian Gorman ()
  • Ed Hong (x)
  • Kelly Kendrick (x)
  • Scott Murphy (x)
  • John Nash (x)
  • Tug Wiliams (x)



Start time:

  • 19:11
  • Call to order: Scott
  • Second: Kelly


Slack Board channel

Review of any outstanding minutes

Approval of previous minutes.

Regular Agenda Items

Committee Reports

New to Linux (New Users)

We had a couple of people who occasionally attend the meeting. Rick Leir was there with a Sun Blade 2000 and was wondering about alternatives to install Debian as the current Debian no longer supports fibre channel. It is also possible that the disks are dead. I offered a wide SCSI external disk for him to try it with. I'm supposed to bring it to the next meeting.

L3GO (Low Level Linux Group)


  • We have five including RGB at L3GO. Interesting discussion, only about half on computers.

OCLUG Customized Bunsen Labs Distro Project Update


  • I did start up the new Helium and actually looked at Crunchmaster, but there's been a lot of work to do on histoRicalg.
  • I'm going to Dalhousie for Oct 12 and will give talk I'm giving to OCLUG (6 decades of personal computers)
  • Also have a tutorial document created today on Double Commander that I can contribute to the tutorials section of wiki.
  • Scott: There is a slight gotcha with the Q&D solution I gave you for the sshfs… The process is effectively left running all the time, so you might want to have an additional script that hunts it down and kills it
  • John: I already have one, but before next meeting will make sure it really does the kill.

Treasurer's Report

Ian: Balance - $5,099.19 (is it still?)

* Reimbursement to Scott for the room rentals and the drinks for LITW 2018 as per the email that was sent to the board members.

Mailing List

I have not managed to get the logo I created to appear on the web page yet, but I have not expended much time at it either.

Meeting Rooms

We are in Centerpointe for October and November. I have not chased down a room for December yet. I suppose I could ask Richard how the whole cost recovery is going at Algonquin.

  • Suggestion made for using a restaurant and having a Soltace/Christmas gathering
  • Vote in favour for presenting it to the membership at next meeting. (5 of 6, one abstention)

The list of repeating sessions

  • Scott will make up a list of potential Quarterly sessions before next meeting to be voted on.

Planned Regular Meetings


  • Speaker: John Nash
  • Topic:
  • Speaker: Ed Hong
  • Topic: Tales of the Wild Net from a retired Oracle Gunslinger

Hot topic: WiFi Flaw


  • Speaker: Scott
  • Topic: Asterix
  • Speaker: Tug
  • Topic: Gentoo

List of future topics

New business:


  • 20:38
  • Motion: John
  • Seconded: Bruce
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