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List of potential meeting topics

This is a live wish list. It should grow and shrink with the topics we come up with. It is good to have a reference so we don’t lose possible topics. Feel free to add to the list. [X] indicates we did this one.

  • Use the update of the wiki as fodder for discussion? [X]
  • Blogging
  • Tools for making graphics in a productive fashion
    • Ditaa as a possible options
    • Mermaid as a possible options
    • GraphViz
    • Dia
    • Even raw SVG production might be of interest.
  • Node.js
  • MongoDB
  • Arduino Talk (Peter S) [X]
  • AngularJS & VScode
  • Platform independency for application users: Why doesn’t my program work on my computer? [X]
  • MicroVAX (will be a topic after Scott gets it all working)
    • HW seems OK now that motherboard has been replaced
    • Procuring an additional one that might allow me to figure out the remaining issues
    • Issue getting the console working properly
    • New (to me) VAX is on the way (I have it, still in the box)
  • PDP8 emulator & PiDP8 Hardware Panel (More of a short talk) ** Scott Murphy (when completed)
  • Obsolete telephone reuse ** Scott Murphy (has a project in the works) (getting back to that)
    • Need to get back to this
  • Virtual Box and Docker integration
    • Have done a few things with this. Need to put together something
  • Virtualizing a Physical machine remotely, using old tools for new tricks. [X]
  • Grace Hopper Memorial evening - Stories of Bugs
  • Hardware Show and Tell
  • Backup Software
  • Privacy and Security
  • Uncomplicated Firewall
  • Automation
  • What ever happened to cfengine?
  • Puppet - configuration management
  • Most of the major vendors (including Lenovo) provide native firmware updates via Linux. The only catch is you need a UEFI system.
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