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PS3 Super Computing Cluster

January Meeting: PS3 Super Computing Cluster

Date: January 4, 2011 at 7 p.m.
Location: Algonquin College (Woodroffe Campus), room P211A


Speaker: various

The meeting will begin with our semi-regular Gnews session that briefly highlights “New to Linux” beginner topics and other Linux tips.

After the main presentation we will have a Q & A help session. open to the floor so bring your problems and the group will no doubt have some insights on them.

How to set up and program a PS3 super computing cluster

Speaker: Matthew Bastian

Talk outline:

  1. What is super computing?
  2. Why the PS3?
  3. The PS3 architecture.
  4. What does a cluster look like?
  5. Programming a cluster.
  6. Some timing examples.
  7. Observations and conclusions.

About the Speaker

Matthew Bastian is a flight test engineer with the National Research Council of Canada. When he's not busy flying on research aircraft, he writes real time airborne data acquisition software.

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