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General OCLUG Board Agenda

Feel free to add an item of discussion to the actual OCLUG Board Agenda.Send an email to secretary <at> linux-ottawa <dot> org

Last Modified: 2021-07-04

Board Meetings are currently (due to COVID-19) via Jitsi Meet and occur on the last Monday of the month @ 19:00

Location: Jitsi Meet. The URL to be communicated with the actual agenda.

Typical Agenda

  • Approval of Agenda
  • Approve Last Month's Board Meeting Minutes BoardMinutesAugust2013
  • Committees and Events:
    • New2Linux (on hold until post COVID-19 restrictions)
      • Covered with first talk every month at this time
  • Treasurer's Report
  • Update on action items from last Board meeting
  • Upcoming Meetings (attempt to have three lined up)
    • Format:
      • Session 1: New2Linux
      • Session 2: More Advanced or interesting topic
      • Possible third session if the first two are short
  • New/Other Business
  • Business arising from this Board Meeting and new Action Items
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