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OCLUG Board meeting

Date: 2013-08-28, 19:00 Location: RGB's house


  • Committes
    • User Group Connect
    • Volunteers
    • L3GO
  • Servers
  • Finance Report
  • Membership lists
  • Update board of directors with Govt. of Ont., signing authorities
  • Other Business


  • Richard Guy Briggs
  • Scott Murphy
  • Aaron Wilcox
  • Rob Echlin
  • Ian Gorman


  • Cody Somerville


  • Volunteers
    • Meeting 19:00 on *Tuesday* Aug 6th @Shopify.
    • It did not happen because Shopify had an event that collided.
    • Next meeting 18:00 on Thursday September 5th, @Shopify
  • User Group Connect
    • ReportFromRob
    • The web site updates are still pending. Scott will take care of that with tutorial assistance from Brenda.
  • L3GO
    • The last meetings happened Monday August 12 with 2 people attending. We had a good conversation. We assume this was because of summer.
    • The next meeting is September 9th at Red Pepper Thai-Viet (434 Bank@Gladstone) for 18:30.


  • Looking good.

Finance Report

  • Nothing to report.
  • Aaron has volunteered to be treasurer.
  • An annual financial statement is overdue to the membership.
  • Meeting scheduled to visit Alterna Bank Thursday August 29th @9:45.

Head office: 400 Albert Street

  112 Kent@Albert, Place de Ville, tower B, unit 106

Improving meetings

  • Ensure we have someone to receive the speaker.
  • Breakout groups at last meeting.
    • We had no prepared list of breakout topics
    • As a result, none happened.

Other Business

  • AGM:
    • RGB received membership list from Scott.
    • Cody volunteers to audit the letters patent and by-laws.
    • RGB will get copies of the letters patent and by-laws from MCR.

Forward Agenda

  • Review Panic Book (Business Continuity Plan)

Rob is stepping down from the board, resigning as President

  • Follow up with Cody, keep him engaged.
  • Be prepared for speakers. RGB will bring a wireless lapel mic.
  • We should solicit another board member.

Meeting adjourned at 20:44.

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