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OCLUG Digital Photo Group

Responses to presentations on digital photography with Linux were very positive. That is, the cry is “MORE!”

Meeting Locations & Dates

Being planned for the fall into winter 2010-11:

Some Saturday afternoon shoots with Gary Jones Followed by a post production workshop. This will all take place at various location according to the season and Gary's availability since he has offered this very generous time for our sig. All abilities should come along as there is something for all skill levels and equipment capability, starting with a point and shoot camera with no knowledge of more than basics on the part of the owner-operator, up to high end digital SLR toys.


preliminary information meeting for the sig

WHEN: Wed, September 15, 7:30pm – 8:30pm

Where: Tim Hortons 1583 Alta Vista Dr.

Regards Eric Brackenbury eric dot brackenbury at gmail dot com

June 20th 2010

Hi Folks it has come to our attention there is a Volley ball Tournament at Britannia this weekend so a Photgraphy sig meeting would be a bit difficult to manage there.

So at short notice it has been moved to a new location listed below. The time remains the same (2.30pm) and Richard can bring a UPS if needed, also I am coming in from Carp, if rides are required from my direction please advise me before Friday evening.

Regards Eric Brackenbury eric dot brackenbury at gmail dot com

New Location: The gazebo at Macdonald Garden Park, Ottawa, Ontario


  • Wiki pages
  • Tutorials
  • Photo Shoot/Edit/Process outings

Ideas for consideration

  • Several folk have talked of the issues of captioning / documenting their photos more easily. The software for this is relatively under-developed, especially if one wants (for very good archiving reasons) to have the caption WITHIN the file. JPG files can have (??correct details please if I am wrong) up to 4 blocks of 64K of text in comments. This is very useful for those genealogy and historical pictures. Other folk need detailed information on the background to high-end photos.
  • Issues of quality and cleanup of photos with different software.
  • Dealing with archival file format.

Interested members

Interested members please add your name to the list below.

  • John Nash
  • Richard Guy Briggs
  • Eric Brackenbury

The mailing list has been set up.
To send a message once you are subscribed: photography-sig at oclug dot on dot ca


Feel free to add to the items above.

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