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  • organizers: Bart, MCR, Lisa, Ian, John
  • visitors: Peter, Steve, Jean, Aaron
  • absent: Aidan, Andrew

Next meeting date:

  • Monday 25th, 8pm
  • Bart will host

Favourable dates:

  • Friday is favourable
  • March 4,11
  • April 8,15

Venue tasks

  • John to find out about availability of SITE – Have not got reply to admin. person (Liane Briere) despite 2 attempts
  • John to find out about DMS 4101 – probably available if we act soon. $300 unless uOttawa sponsored.
  • John will ask prof Bailetti at Carleton – no reply to email.
  • MCR will speak with CS at Carleton
  • Ian will speak with Engineering at Carleton
  • MCR will check on price for room at Adobe (Dave)
  • MCR will ask William about NRC venue (DONE)
  • Bart to see if Will knows anyone at Archives Canada (DONE, venue is not adaquate)
  • MCR will call Prof Neal Holtz about Carleton venue, and ask him to talk to Kyle from ENGSOC (DONE)

Speaker tasks:

  • MCR will speak with Marc Blanchet (Viagenie) about a v6-v4 translator (DONE)
  • Aidan will ask Tmobile guy if he could come (supplier)
  • find 2 speakers that will speak of success stories
  • Yves Poppe (TaTa) can talk about ipv6 (MCR) (DONE)
  • ARIN, John Curin (president, CEO) (MCR) (DONE)
  • EION (Kanata) (MCR) (HALFDONE)
  • CRC, Andrew Patrick (he can speak, but also distribute the info) (MCR) (DONE, no longer at CRC)
  • ipv6 task force (MCR)

Other tasks:

  • Ian will investigate sites to offload attendee management
    • Ian will follow up with the py2conf “community” about paypal billing
    • Lisa to help with pcrn
  • locate “IPv4.gif” (MCR) (it's gone missing, maybe copyright asserted)


  • charge full price
  • refund for people that show up
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