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See also: AlgonquinProgrammingOlympics

We are looking for volunteers to adjudicate the contest for the ($500 ??) Prize provided by OCLUG.

Saturday, May 30

Questions from participants will transmit to various members of the Board. However, OCLUG's judges try to work by consensus and are allowed to make up their own mind. We are trying to establish some guidelines below, but the weight given to each issue may vary. Open source has several definitions, but among them and may be useful.


  • Rob Echlin - rob -at- echlin (dot) ca - 266,8311 (judging - maybe photos)
  • Tyler Tidman (judging)
  • Margaret Tidman (photos)
  • John Nash (judging, willing to serve as promo/publicity person)


  • Judges discuss roles and procedures before the event
  • prepare printable page to use in judging - see last year's notes
  • Margaret/Tyler have big cheque
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