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Tux Software

Hardware Migration 2007

The goal:

Be done by May 25, 2007 and ready to go live running on new hardware

  • but some stuff broken

Cutover Procedure

See here for the plan.

Things to install/configure

priority service/package assignee done on 36 GB disk? tested has DB works live
0.0 install to new h/w Charles/rjr yes yes no note
1 environment bjb yes yes no yes
1 users/groups Scott yes needs fixing no so far, so good
1 logging(syslog/logrotate) Scott yes yes no yes
1 cron Charles no note no
1 apt bjb yes yes no yes
1 sudo bjb yes (updated to May 5) help me no yes
1 networking Charles yes no no yes
1 ippl bjb yes yes no yes
1 dns Scott yes yes no yes
1 ssh Charles yes help me no yes
1 rsync Charles yes no no
1 email (postfix) Ian! yes (Rogers blocks port 25) no yes
2 ntp Dmitriy yes no no
2 apache1 Ian Ward yes yes no yes
2 apache2 Ian Ward yes no no yes
2 phpwiki Ian Ward yes yes yes yes
2 mailman Charles almost done yes sorta not really
2 dovecot (POP/IMAP) Scott yes no ? yes
2 sql-ledger mcr ? SqlLedgerDetails no yes (pg) got login page
3 svn, svnserve, scripts Dmitriy yes no yes yes
3 postgrey Scott ? no ?
3 spamassassin Scott ? no ? no

Things to disable/remove

service/package assignee done tested/verified
inetd/portmap Charles yes no
exim Charles yes yes

Note, we had hoped to transfer all this stuff with an rsync and then fix it up after we had transfered to the new HW. However, that wasn't possible. We cannot take the configuration “as-is” and just use it - so we can consider fixing up the new system as we move stuff over.

Things that could be done include: partition on several partitions, use LVM, use RAID, use apache2 instead of apache1, have a firewall, use django to update the web site instead of editing php pages and using svn.

There are differing opinions on whether we should do these things. So, in the interest of moving forward, I'm deciding:

  • 2 36 GB prepared the same way
    • 3 x 10 GB partitions (identical)
    • 1 GB partition for /boot
    • 1 partition sized (2 x memory size) for swap
    • for starters, the full filesystem will go in one of the 10 GB partitions.
    • the other partitions can be used for expansion, recover etc. as needed
  • no LVM
  • no RAID
  • Use the 2nd disk as a “staging area”, where we can install packages and try them out before installing them on the live system. That means maybe using UML or VirtualBox and running a linux inside the live linux. Again, if we run low on space, we can wipe this drive, and mount it as more space for data. Probably we'll be upgrading the hardware before that happens but it's nice to have options.
    • UML/VirtualBox are unlikely to work with the RAM we have right now. Vserver might be an option. -IW
  • apache1
    • I'll try to find out how real tux has phpwiki then -bjb
  • keep the web pages the way they are till after the migration
  • but we could install apache2 and django now (it's already done) and just run apache1; then when we decide to switch it will be quick (run apache2 instead of apache1). We will need to verify that mailman and phpwiki are configured properly for apache2 as well as apache1 before the cutover. We could run apache2 on a different port for testing, until we are ready to go live with it.

Going forward from here:

step description who done
1 check and partition 36 GB disks HdPrep wardi yes
2 transfer 9 GB disk to 36 GB disk and make bootable (linux 2.6) wardi, rjr yes
3 put other 36 GB disk in second slot and boot to first disk (putting mirror of site on 2nd disk is low priority) rjr yes
4 configure all the above packages and test see above yes
5 go live rgb && ??? yes
6 install some kind of tracker trac, oclug trac wardi
7 firewall, backups, logwatch ??? no
8 think about getting rid of ippl ??? no
9 upgrade web site (apache2, django?, get rid of php, other improvements) wardi, ??? yes (new site, phpwiki still there)
10 apt-get dist-upgrade ??? no
11 set up VirtualBox/UML ??? no
12 system monitoring (zabbix, munin, nagios, ???) ??? no
13 syslog-ng ??? no
14 prep the other two 36 GB hard drives ??? no

Ideas for next time we do an install/migration: tripwire (would be a lot easier if we knew ahead of time which packages are going to be installed), logwatch/logcheck, bugzilla or RequestTracker, chkrootkit


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