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2007 June 10-12

  • main site and phpwiki and mailman have been moved to apache2
    • remaining on apache1: sql-ledger and old site on port 180
  • apache2 serving django site on port 80
    • some tweaking was necessary for phpwiki rewrite rules
    • /pipermail/ now redirects to /archives/ (so we don't have duplicated urls)

2007 May 22


  • Now that hw has moved to colo, remove Listen 8080 line from /etc/apache/httpd.conf
  • apart from that, seems ok (needs static page update (svn) at last minute)
    • pages visited in test: front page, pages accessible from nav menu (paying attention to whether we get switched to real tux mid-stream)
  • tested phpwiki - ok (paying attention to whether we get switched to real tux mid-stream (needs database update at last minute)
  • tested mailman web interface - ok (needs archive and queue update at last minute)

2007 May 16


  • changed the ssh -L line to use 'localhost' instead of 'newtux' for a name
    • ssh -p 28 -x -L8080:localhost:8080 newtux
    • that worked and I can look at the “static” pages just fine
    • can browse mailman archives
    • phpwiki doesn't work yet

2007 May 15

  • Apache1 is running, configured and populated

stuff done

  • svn has been loaded with the “real” web site (as of May 15)
  • /var/www now has the correct contents
  • apache serves up the “static” pages correctly (well, only tested the front page using wget on new tux - needs a better test)

stuff to do

  • test all the static pages of new tux
  • didn't test phpwiki at all yet, although the config should be done (copied from real tux)


  • added Listen 8080 to the httpd.conf so it would listen on port 8080 (hoping that ssh -L8080:newtux:8080 will work)
  • ssh -p 28 -x -L127.0.0.1:8080:newtux:8080 newtux didn't seem to allow me to !http://localhost on my home machine to see tux web stuff - the ssh session on newtux said “channel 2: open failed: administratively prohibited: open failed” - dunno why
  • was able to visit !http://localhost from new tux itself and get a page with the navigation links in it (the main page)
  • didn't try to visit other pages, or follow links
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