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See also: AlgonquinProgrammingOlympics

We are looking for volunteers to adjudicate the contest for the $500 Prize provided by OCLUG.

Saturday, May 24 → NOTE: This is NOT the long weekend, the long weekend is the weekend before this

Questions from participants will transmit to various members of the Board. However, OCLUG's judges try to work by consensus and are allowed to make up their own mind. We are trying to establish some guidelines below, but the weight given to each issue may vary. Open source has several definitions, but among them and may be useful.


  • Rob Echlin - rob -at- echlin (dot) ca - 266,8311 (judging - maybe photos)
  • Margaret Tidman
  • Tyler Tidman (judging and photos)
  • Don Kelly (judging)
  • John Nash (judging, willing to serve as promo/publicity person)


  • Judges discuss roles and procedures before the event
  • prepare printable page to use in judging - see old wiki?
  • pick up big cheque from wardi

Judging criteria

(Start out the same as last year - suggestions for changes?)

    web browser
    libraries to link with
    gui framework(s)
    documentation tools
    version control
    bug tracking
    gpg/ssh key?
    collaboration s/w, LAMP stack: wiki, mailing list, etc.
    ide (eclipse)

osi/dfsg approved license

    do they walk the walk:  sourceforge
    public version control (distributed, like git, a bonus)
    public transparency
    personal philosophy (have they heard of fsf, free-speech vs free-beer, etc)

List from discussion between Dave and Tyler

Use of opensource components:
	- libraries
	- languages
		- true opensource community products like Perl, Python, Ruby, etc
		- nonproprietary languages used by FOSS (C, C++)
		- minus points for using proprietary languages requiring
		  closed tools (Microsoft, Borland, etc)
	- platforms
		- developed on FOSS OS (Linux, BSD)
		- developed on FOSS OS for cross-platform runtime (Java,
		  C#, Perl, Ruby, etc)

Use of opensource tools:
	- editors
	- source control
	- bug trackers
	- test harnesses

Style appropriate to language

Appropriate choice of tools
	- chose their FOSS components with reasonable forethought, rather
	  than just picking something Google found
	- using components that have a reasonable chance of life, rather
	  than dead-end projects

How did they decode the videos?
	- bonus points for using FOSS viewers like mplayer
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