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Project Proposals

  • ** Note: The ticketing system has not been in recent use and is likely to be deprecated soon. Please send proposals to the main mailing list, including the information below, for a timely response. ***

OCLUG's mandate is to promote Linux and Open Source Software in Ottawa. To that end, OCLUG funds should be used for that purpose. Members may submit proposals at any time requesting support for expenses to a maximum of $500.

You will need to register a username first using the “Register” link at the top right. Then submit your proposal by creating a new ticket with the link above.

  • Use the “Project Proposal” Type when creating your ticket.

Include the following in the “Full description”:

  • Goal: (what you aim to achieve)
  • Proposed action: (what you will do)
  • People: (who will do it)
  • Timeframe: (when)
  • Money: (how much, and what part of that total is requested of OCLUG)
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