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Virtualization Intro and Device Trees


November Meeting: Virtualization Intro and Device Trees

Date: November 7, 2013 at 7 p.m.
Location: Shopify Headquarters

This month we have Ian Gorman and Robert Day speaking. Ian will be giving a short talk on visualization and Robert will be speaking on Linux device trees. At this time, we have no BoF items listed.

As per our newer format, we will have a one hour pre-meeting item from 6:00 to 7:00 for people who are new to Linux, have general questions, or wish to help out with people who are just getting started.


Short Introduction to Virtualization

Speaker: Ian Gorman

Ian will be giving a short introduction to visualization suitable for the newly aware. This will be a casual talk and not deeply technical

About the Speaker

Ian has a lot of experience at applying experience outside of its original box.

He has solved problems in Economics, Math, Computer Science, logic based controllers, bicycles, and human relations, generally mixing in information from at least one other discipline or computer language to make it work, or work better. His experience with computers includes Linux, Mac, and several server OSes from IBM, Sun, and others. He has worked with drivers, parsers, API design, business rules, Java garbage collectors, and some less exotic code that just needed to work.

Device Trees

Device Trees

Speaker: Robert P. J. Day

Robert will be giving an introductory talk on device trees. The working title is “An introduction to device trees – passing configuration information to the kernel at boot time.”

About the Speaker

Robert P. J. Day is a long-time Linux and open source professional trainer, having taught for numerous companies including Red Hat, Sun Microsystems, Global Knowledge and Protech Training, as well as delivering his own custom courseware. These days, Rob concentrates primarily on training in the areas of Linux kernel programming, embedded Linux, device drivers and OpenEmbedded and the Yocto Project.

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