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Introduction to the Suckless Project


September Meeting: Introduction to the Suckless Project

Date: September 5, 2013 at 7 p.m.
Location: Shopify Headquarters

Alex Pilon will be giving a talk on the suckless project. For those who do not know what that is, it is a project to develop software that sucks less. The focus is on simplicity, clarity and frugality. Lightweight applications that do one thing well.

At present, we do not have a lightning talk presenter and do not have the list of BOF topics firmed up yet


The Suckless Project

Speaker: Alex Pilon

This month, Alex Pilon will be giving an introduction to the suckless project. The talk will include an overview, disclaimers, warnings and why you want to use it. It will then go on to briefly go over the sub projects with more detail on the ones that Alex finds of particular interest. There will be some demos of features and room for questions and answers.

The suckless project includes:

  • dwm - a dynamic window manager. There are more than Gnome and KDE out there
  • st - a simple terminal emulator
  • stali - static linux (still in the planning phase)
  • surf - a simple web browser
  • tools - a collection of special purpose tools including an IRC client, plan9 tools, virtual keyboard, etc.

For anyone who wishes to read up in advance, Alex has provided the following URLs:


About the Speaker

Alex is a 3rd year, software engineering student at Carleton. He has been using Linux since October of his first year. Vim over emacs, favours C, awk, shell scripting and Python. Started out on Arch although disillusioned now. His career interests are in networking and security and is currently doing a co-op term at GENBAND.

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