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BSD and Computers for Communities

December Meeting: BSD and Computers for Communities

Date: December 7, 2010 at 7 p.m.
Location: Algonquin College (Woodroffe Campus), room P211A


BSD for Linux users

Speaker: Dru Lavigne

So, you've heard of BSD but haven't tried it yet. Or perhaps you used it years ago and are wondering what has since changed in the BSD world. This talk will start with a brief comparison of the BSD projects and a description of the BSD release engineering process. We'll then cover the main differences between BSD and Linux from an administrative and end-user point perspective. This will be followed by an overview of some features which aren't available on non-BSD systems.

Participants will receive a copy of PC-BSD, a desktop operating system based on FreeBSD. The DVD can be run in live-mode or within a virtual environment such as VirtualBox.

About the Speaker

Dru Lavigne is a network and systems administrator, IT instructor, author and international speaker. She has over a decade of experience administering and teaching Netware, Microsoft, Cisco, Checkpoint, SCO, Solaris, Linux and BSD systems. She is author of BSD Hacks, The Best of FreeBSD Basics, and The Definitive Guide to PC-BSD.

As Director of Community Development for the PC-BSD Project, she leads the documentation team, assists new users, helps to find and fix bugs, and reaches out to the community to discover their needs. She is the former Managing Editor of the Open Source Business Resource, a free monthly publication covering open source and the commercialization of open source assets. She is founder and current Chair of the BSD Certification Group Inc., a non-profit organization with a mission to create the standard for certifying BSD system administrators, and serves on the Board of the FreeBSD Foundation.

Computers for Communities

Speaker: David Sampson

Computers For Communities is a locally operated not for profit community organization striving to bridge the digital divide in the National Capital Region. We provide refurbished computers, hands-on experiential education, Internet access and job skills training in exchange for community service.

Computers For Communities advocates the use of affordable, reliable and accessible technology solutions including mature Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) in order to help.

The speaker will present some of the goals and activities of C4C.


Speaker: Eric Brackenbury

The meeting will begin with our semi-regular Gnews session that briefly highlights “New to Linux” beginner topics and other Linux tips.

The speaker will share some help on Virtual Box issues - file sharing and home folder access. Also the way to use Aqemu-kvm or Oracle VirtualBox on the same machine.

About the Speaker

Small business computing for manufacturing retail purposes. Now moving to Linux for the last two years.

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