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Opera web browser, IPv6

June Meeting: Opera web browser, IPv6

Date: June 3, 2008 at 7 p.m.
Location: Algonquin College (Woodroffe Campus), room H102

  1. Ubuntu CDs received, and 40 donated to OPL.
  2. Programming Olympics Results.
  3. Linux in the Wild.

Opera web browser

Speaker: Jean-Francois Messier

  • New features
  • Demo of Opera 9.5
  • Comparison with other browsers

Time 15 - 30 minutes

About the Speaker

I work in IT Security in the Federal Government. I've been heavily involved in firewall management, DNS maintenance and upgrade for Canadian Goverment-owned domains. I have been managing BIND-based DNS servers since 1998. I'm doing less right now, although I now manage my own domain using a web interface, which I will demonstrate. I was also involved in PKI since 1998, and cryptography. I'm rather limited in the level of details I can disclose, of course, by the nature of security.

I'm using Linux for several years now, mostly Ubuntu. I'm a big fan of Linux, although I'm not an expert.


Speaker: Herbert Hartwig

Topics covered include:

  • Overview of Ipv4 addressing
  • Estimates of IPv4 end of life - approx 2012
  • Overview of IPv6 addressing
  • Basic IPv6 addressing layout and Ethernet configuration -
  • Demo on Cisco and Linux Hardware

Time 60 - 90 minutes

About the Speaker

Graduated 2 yr Electronics Technician, Algonquin College UOVC

15 Years as a field service Technician for NCR/ATT

1 Year as Director of Networking for Magi Data Consulting

3 Month as Production Manager at iStar

4 Years as President of Storm Internet 2 Years as Chief Operations Officer of Storm Internet 4 Years and currently Chief Technology Officer of Storm Internet

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