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Linux Distributions - Panel Discussion

June Meeting: Linux Distributions - Panel Discussion

Date: June 2, 2009 at 7 p.m.
Location: Algonquin College (Woodroffe Campus), room P305

Photos from this meeting:

Video of this meeting:

Linux Distributions

Speaker: Andrew Ross
Speaker: Ed Philpott
Speaker: Eric Brackenbury
Speaker: Richard Hagemeyer
Speaker: Robert Echlin
Speaker: Tyler Tidman

A Linux “distro”, or distribution is a collection of programs and utilities that have been tested to work together.

DSL takes only 50M bytes on a CD or USB key. A full Debian installation can require 20 CDs.

Others specialize in ease of use (Ubuntu), maximum configurability (Gentoo), bleeding edge software versions (Fedora), or stability and long term support (RHEL, CentOS, Debian LTS).

Panel members will discuss different distros, why there are so many of them and things to consider when selecting one.

Note: This is a preliminary meeting notice. We're still looking for novice panel members.

About the Speaker

Andrew Ross is President of FOSSLC (Free and Open Source Software Learning), a non profit organization dedicated to improving lives with open source.

He is also a Director of Engineering for Ingres Canada where he leads a team of developers working on geospatial support in Ingres.

About the Speaker

Small business computing for manufacturing retail purposes. Now moving to Linux for the last two years.

About the Speaker

Tyler Tidman has been wireless since shortly after his birth and has been hacking his own internal firmware for over 30 years. In his spare time, he tries to install Linux on his wife and two cats.

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