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Linux in the Wild 2008

Event Details

It will be held on Sunday, July 27, 2008 at Location: Vincent Massey Park at Site: “L” (PDF Vincent Massey Park site map).

We will start cooking food at noon and the BBQ will execute a full shutdown at 16:00. We will have food for carnivores, omnivores and herbivores, but if you have particular needs, please note this beside your name on the attendee list.

The event is free to all, but a donation to OCLUG would be appreciated to help cover the cost of purchasing the food and booking the site. OCLUG is a non-profit organization.


Volunteers for the event would be greatly appreciated. The more, the merrier. Every little bit helps. No amount is too small.

If you would like to help out, please add your name to the Volunteers list below, stating what you will help out with. Duties to be assigned:

  • Loan of BBQ's - 2 preferred (1 for meat and 1 for non-meat)
  • Helping with cooking
  • Helping with setup/cleanup (as many as we can get)
  • “Linux Ambassadors” to answer any questions from passers-by
  • Anything else you want to do

Here are the people who have volunteered so far:

  • MargaretTidman - purchasing food & supplies
  • TylerTidman - setup/cleanup and assorted ambassadorial-type duties
  • Michael Baranov - setup/cleanup
  • RolandRenaud - bring 1 BBQ, cook, cleanup

If you are interested in volunteering, please login and add yourself to the list above.


If you are interested in coming, please login and add yourself to the list below.

Please note your specific food requirements (vegetarian, etc.) next to your name.

  • MargaretTidman (vegetarian)
  • TylerTidman (vegetarian)
  • Michael Baranov (vegetarian)
  • Ekaterina Baranova (regular)
  • Mike Kenzie (vegetarian)
  • Kayla Kenzie(regular)
  • RolandRenaud (omnivore)
  • BrendaButler (omnivore)
  • John Argus (omnivore)
  • Terri Oda (omnivore)
  • John Hawley (omnivore)
  • Douglas Leeder (omnivore)
  • Andrew Clunis (omnivore)

Park Regulations

These regulations are designed to protect the property and ensure public safety. The following activities are strictly prohibited:

  • Consuming, serving or selling alcoholic beverages
  • Lighting fires
  • Erecting structures without permission from the NCC
  • Selling, advertising and / or displaying any goods or wares or merchandising or carrying on any commercial activity
  • Having drugs, firearms or explosives in your possession
  • Bringing an animal in the park
  • Operating motorized vehicles on the recreational pathways and / or the grass
  • Running MS Operating Systems

Upon exiting the park, users must leave the grounds and the park assets clean and tidy.


Post Mortem


  • Donations at Linux in the Wild: $225.11
  • Park Rental: $50
  • Food: $174.65

We bought:

Costco: 2 boxes of cookies (40), 1 veggie platter, 4 big bags of chips, 48 hamburgers, 48 hamburger buns, 20 hot dogs, 48 hot dog buns

Loeb: 2 bags of coleslaw, 1 bottle of slaw dressing, 2 large onions, 4 tomatoes, 24 bottles of water, 5 bags of ice, 1 bottle of mustard, 1 bottle of relish, 1 bottle of ketchup, 12 veggie dogs, 8 tofu burgers, 6 apple juice, 6 orange juice,

Pharma Plus: 12 cans of Sprite, 24 cans of Coke

We brought:

  • (RR) BBQ, utensils
  • (MT&TT) cooler, food, supplies
  • (RBG) loaned us his inflatable Penguins

Thoughts of the event.

Site “L” is pretty good. Mostly shaded.

30-35 people stopped by for food and conversation. 20 or some of those people were from the Hacker Bike Ride from OLS.

Everyone that came had plenty to eat.

We increased the amount of hamburgers this year there was a little too much. The remaining buns and burgers were given to picnic attendees in exchange for a donation. We had tofu burgers, veggie dogs, vegetables and coleslaw… I think this went over well.

Clean up started around 16:30. Most of us were packed up and gone by 17:00 or so. Some guests stayed around chatting.

We had 1 BBQ - it was plenty to cook the amount of food we had.

We had a few guests that took a some photos. We should get them put on the main site

We had some left over items: foam plates, napkins, plastic cutlery, metal serving spoon, metal tongs, 2 serving bowls, salt & pepper, garbage bags and the frizbee, I have put all of this into a bin, ready for next year.

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