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Ian Gorman

Ian has a lot of experience at applying experience outside of its original box.

He has solved problems in Economics, Math, Computer Science, logic based controllers, bicycles, and human relations, generally mixing in information from at least one other discipline or computer language to make it work, or work better. His experience with computers includes Linux, Mac, and several server OSes from IBM, Sun, and others. He has worked with drivers, parsers, API design, business rules, Java garbage collectors, and some less exotic code that just needed to work.

Talks given:

2018.04.05 April Meeting: 2018 AGM

2014.02.05 February Meeting: Apache Open Office and R for Slide Generation

2014.03.06 March Meeting: Apache Open Office and R for Slide Generation

2014.04.03 April Meeting: Annual General Meeting

2015.03.05 March Meeting: Mystery Topic

2016.07.07 July Meeting: Raspberry Pi as a "Black Box" Tester

2015.05.07 May Meeting: Regular Expressions 101

2015.10.01 October Meeting: "LibreOffice and Scribus: Which One? Or Both?"

2016.06.02 June Meeting: Raspberry Pi as a "Black Box" Tester

2017.09.07 September Meeting: PBX log extraction

2016.12.01 December Meeting: Getting Usable Data from a collection of PDF Files

2013.11.07 November Meeting: Short Introduction to Virtualization

2013.12.05 December Meeting: Regular Expressions for Newbies

2015.02.05 February Meeting: Introduction to Calibre

2012.09.06 September Meeting: Lightning talk: Helping a Linux newbie

2016.05.05 May Meeting: Raspberry Pi as a "Black Box" Tester

2017.03.02 March Meeting: OS Agnostic Computing

2017.10.05 October Meeting: PBX log extraction

2017.01.05 January Meeting: Linux on a MS Surface

2017.06.01 June Meeting: UEFI Lessons

2015.12.03 December Meeting: Ubuntu Linux

2015.12.03 December Meeting: Puppy Linux

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