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Meeting Date: 2011-05-11 at 19:00

Location: Roland's

Present: Rob Echlin, Robert Day, Mike Kenzie, John Nash, Roland Renaud


  • Approval of agenda



  • Financial Report
    • Do we want to use Paypal for donations


        We should publicize "donation status"
      * IPV6 wrap up
 * Forms - need full name and citizenship info for new directors
        email to Mike Kenzie
 * Panic book update(s) - Reaching Out to Newcomers - get feedback at Feb Board meeting
      * Collect and redistribute panic books -- done, but Eric's outstanding. MK will email re: this and
         book to be reviewed
         JN to ask Lisa if she has soft copy
      * Add contacts for Algonquin
         Richard Hagemayer
      * Membership list updates - who has master list
         JN has passed records to Robert Day
         Approved Pedro Sanchez, Michael Goguen and Jeff Tranter
      * Add O'Reilly and Apress details 
         MK is contact, to be updated next month
 * Corporate address status
      * cheques do not have new address -- Decision to do nothing until bank complains
 * Decision on corporation officers
     MK as Treasurer
     RD as speaker coord & VP
     JST as Secretary
     RE as Pres.
  • Meeting planning - can we get a page to solicit speakers and plan talks

Leavit Memorial Seminar. No charge. RD to contact Gary Jones. JN volunteered to help.

  • Google Calendar

JST to investigate

  • Tux setup planning.


  • Review OclugBoardForwardAgenda

Postponed except for picnic planning

        Try for same arrangements as last year (Strathcona Park -- Sunday 11:30 - 13:30 -- potluck
           (drinks supplied)
    Board authorized JN and J-F Messier to acquire 10 USB drives (max expenditure $180)
  • Upcoming meetings

There was a wide ranging discussion of many possibilities to be explored.

  • Tux update

SSH keys to Roland.

Adjourned at 21:45

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