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Meeting Date: 2011-04-19 at 19:00

Location: Roland's

Agenda ¶

  • Approval of agenda
    • ipv6 summit report

Under control

  • AGM planning
    1. send msg to all oclug lists that membership update is in progress,

and to send a request to be added if you

             don't get a msg directly (include Name and email to use)
           - Put same msg on main OCLUG page, also Facebook
           - JN to do write up and send to Roland
  • Leavitt planning
    1. send Gary Jones msg re seminar move to June so new board can be involved

in planning.

  1. Clarification of Feb budget for LMS to include projector and that the funds are

seed money. LMS is expected to become self-sustaining so monies come back to



  • Financial Report

Balance approx $7000, including payments from Xelerance and

           CIRA, Paypal $2500 and one more this week.
         No replacement cheque yet for NSF cheque
  • Panic book update(s)

Linked-In – who started it?

         Paypal -- done to MK
         Google-calendar -- who has pw?
  • Update on action items from last Board meeting

LinuxFund CD response pending

         OReilly books OK
         Projector -- 
            JST- decent ones for $300-$400
                Will send email for approval of board
  • Other
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