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Location: John Nash's apartment.

   maggi   Margaret Tidman
   rj_ren  Roland Renaud
   ttidman   Tyler Tidman
   mcr     Michael Richardson
   nashjc  John Nash
   wardi   Ian Ward


  • approval of agenda
  unanimously approved.
  • Review OclugBoardForwardAgenda
  items added relating to LitW.
  • address old items.
    • update Algonquin College re Programming Olympics planning
  Contest is May 24.
  Giant checque is at Tyler/Maggi's house, and is prepped to go.
  NashJC, Tyler, Maggi are going.
  Rob Eckland, Dave O'Neill, Don Kelly are going.
  Concern about priorities: not a problem last year.
  • April 2008: planning for LitW 2008 - #31
  track down the rest of 2007 stuff.
  need a proper donation bin.
  think about signs and helium ballons.
  order a big, inflatable tux?
  23cm inflatable tux...
  WE are at site L-for Linux.
  announcement at the meeting, who is coming.
contact andrew hutton, re: inflatable tux. #32.
  • Still to do: Review/followup Suggestions from ticket tracking
   CLOSED: wardi to contact gmane about including -linux list #26
   CLOSED: maggi to contact NCF about using logo on our site.  
        We can use their logo on our sie. Asked for reciprocal.
   DECISION: should we try to get to fix up our listing. (NashJc has tried repeatedly with no luck.)
        NO.  We tried enough. NashJC will try to telephone.
  • Ubuntu CDs received
  Stickers are applied.
  40 have been sent to OPL. (MAKE ANNOUNCEMENT) 
  120 remaining.
  next trick is ordering ISBNs for books to order about Linux.
  • speakers needed for August.
  suggestion: one issue is number of things that are obstacles. Have a moderated session that are 
              show-stoppers for people.  Maybe some segment of people. e.g. audacity, printing,
              some other things.
  tutorials need to be revamped.
  try harder to get talks online --- recorded.
  should auto-create a wiki page for each meeting.
  • update on web sites — feeds and various things
  wish to create a wiki page for each meeting.
  have this auto-created for each meeting page.
  • also new cards, #13
  • Movement to adjourn.

ajourned at

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