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Approved 2008-05-20.

Location: IRC. meeting convened at 19:43. BoardMinutesApril2008IrcLog

   bjb     Brenda Butler
   maggi   Margaret Tidman
   rj_ren  Roland Renaud
   ttidman   Tyler Tidman
   mcr     Michael Richardson
   nashjc  John Nash
   wardi   Ian Ward


  • approval of agenda
   -- added: reimburse Carback.
   -- added: roles for new board.
   Agenda approved unanimously.
   Approved unanimously at 19:47.
  • Review OclugBoardForwardAgenda
   cleaned out old items, and added 2009.
   added financial report, and put in date for AGM2007 minute review.
   Maggi to confirm that audit/review is done.
   Forward agenda closed at 19:54.
  • old business
    • Programming Olympics planning
   May 24, 2008 is the day.
   Page for volunteers is at: 
   Not much to do until day of event.
   Need to have people there with clue at the event.
   Suggestions for judges: Wisq (Adrian) [[:bjb]], P Suwalski [[:nashjc]], Ondrechak [[:bjb]], Dave O'Neill [[:ttidman]], Richard Lessard [[:mcr]], Don Kelley [[:mcr]].
   wardi has vanity checque, maggi will bring it to the event.
   ttidman will take photographs.
  • March 2008: planning for LitW 2008
    • #31
Date: July 27, 2008. Post OLS:
Coordinator for picnic is Maggi + Tyler.
Coordinator with OLS is wardi.
Budget for food is $150.  Total budget is $250.
We can not tie things to the trees! No tarps. We need a tent for rain.
No tents either apparently.  Consideration given to other venus.
ACTION: ttidman: Strathcona Park suggested. Talk to Hacker Bike Ride people.
Q: are we giving out CDs at picnic?
  • Still to do: Review/followup Suggestions from ticket tracking
    • ACTION: wardi to contact gmane about including -linux list #26
    • ACTION: ttidman to contact NCF about using logo on our site
  • address new items.
    • reimburse Carback.
  Receipts received by Brenda, and reviewed.  Total is $161.35 with NY gas. (Once receipt is missing)
  Ask for paper receipts sent to us.
  Passed unanimously.
  • decide upon roles for new board.
  maggi: treasurer.
  mcr: secretary.
  wardi: vp
  roland: speaker coordinator
  nashjc: president
  ttidman: open
  • status of speakers
    • need speakers .. for June/August.
   Jean Francois - Opera. (June?)
   Herb Hartwig - IPv6.   (June?)
  • old business: Ubuntu CD order.
  ttidman: pending release of hardy heron in... 9 days
  mcr: 40 for OPL, "a bunch" for OCLUG
  mcr suggests that we give one per person at OCLUG meeting (donation suggested)
  mcr suggests a second unit can be had for $4.
  mcr: so,  around 2.40CDN for a CD, if there are 30 people at the meeting, then 
       we have 30 left over. If we sell those at $4 each, that's $120.  I've left none for the Programming Olympics.
       so, I suggest we get $300 worth of CDs.
  ttidman: sorry, looks like the cds will be (before shipping and taxes and 
           taxes on the shipping and so on) 0.825 GBP each
  mcr: motion: that we buy $300 of CDs.  including shipping and taxes.
  wardi: I second
  bjb: I third the motion to buy $300 of CDs
  nashjc: OK on 300
  rj_ren: $300 of cds ok with me
  passed unanimously.
  • two new items added:
  • refund Carback his food expenses too: $190. Unanimous.
  • clarify that Programming Olympics prize is $500. (wiki is wrong). Unanimous.
  • Movement to adjourn.

ajourned at 21:11. DONE.

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