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Location: Roland Renaud's house. time: 7:55pm

   bjb     Brenda Butler
   maggi   Margaret Tidman
   rj_re1/rj_ren Roland Renaud
   tyler   Tyler Tidman
   mcr     Michael Richardson
   nashjc  John Nash

Regrets:    Ian Ward


  • approval of agenda
   added items relating to election
   approved, abstain from mcr, nashjc
  • Review OclugBoardForwardAgenda
   nothing at this time.
  • old business
    • January 2008: contact Algonquin College re Programming Olympics planning
  contact was made, and Ian Allen! replied.... 
  He and another person were overseer, and to check with last year's planning people.
  We had good description of OCLUG prize.  One thing that didn't work well, was that we didn't get involved until very late.
So we didn't get involved with the students early enough.  There was zero support for students.  We need to put up a WIKI page
for things... invite to IRC channel.
  March 17 - start of registration.
  Contest is May 24.

ACTION: Margaret to continue followup.
  • March 2008: planning for election discussion talk
Aleks Essex --- travel expenses for crew from Washington.
 $80 for Visa to Canada. 
 $20 for ballot materials.
$100 for food.
$200 for gas.

This is within what we said we might pay for airfare for one person.
Discussion about whether or not this was the meeting/speaker that we wanted to have people come from afar for.

Agreed to cover expenses.

Possible refendum topic: Should governments be obligated to run open source?

ACTION: MCR will write press release for talk.  send to: Carleton J-school, Algonquin J-school,
Citizen, SUN, Hill Times, Parties, MPs, CBC, GOSLING, OBJ. 
  • March 2008: planning for LitW 2008
    • #31
  • Still to do: Review/followup Suggestions from ticket tracking
   ACTION: wardi to contact gmane about including -linux list #26
   ACTION: maggi to contact NCF about using logo on our site
  • address new items.
    • approval of new members
Brenda reads out list of new members to board. 
Is list of members public? Decided that it is not, at this time.
It is accessible to any member who asks.  
Board asks about whether one member is a real person.  Brenda has met this person.

Approved unanimously.
  • status of speakers
    • need speakers ..
   Aleks Essex is giving a talk in April on his voting system
   Russell McOrmand is ready to talk about copyright issues (May!)
   Neuros OSD in May: MichaelRichardson, Russell, DonKelly
   Jean Francois - Opera. (June?)
   Herb Hartwig - IPv6.   (June?)
  • Movement to adjourn.

2008-03-18, 21:25.

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