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Location: Roland Renaud's house. time: 7:55pm

   bjb     Brenda Butler
   maggi   Margaret Tidman
   wardi   Ian Ward
   rj_re1/rj_ren Roland Renaud
   tyler   Tyler Tidman

Regrets: John Nash.
   mcr     Michael Richardson


  • approval of agenda
   added video item, approved
  • Review OclugBoardForwardAgenda
   no additions
  • old business
    • discussion that we want to order 100 Ubuntu CDs, to be passed to members (at $2 each). See #23.
   140 to order, 40 for OPL
   allow members to choose amount to donate for CDs
   continue discussion on ticket
  • address new items.
    • IceBreakerQuestion
   added items to wiki, please add more
  • January 2008: contact Algonquin College re Programming Olympics planning
   ACTION: maggie todo
  • January 2008: planning for next election (April)
   ACTION: bjb to get bio and talk description (and maybe post) and update election page
   need to arrange new voting scheme by next general meeting
  • Video camera suggestion (via jean)
   jean is supposed to create a ticket
  • February 2008: ACTION: maggi will interpret the (audit) recommendations and we'll review next year.
   ACTION: maggi to finish 2007 postings and forward to Richard Hagemeyer (march meeting)
  • February 2008: planning for LitW 2008
   Plan for July 27 to coincide with OLS Hacker's bike ride
   add item to OclugBoardForwardAgenda
   ACTION: maggi create ticket or wiki page for LitW
  • February 2008: update on Programming Olympics planning.
   still todo
  • Review/followup Suggestions from ticket tracking
   ACTION: wardi to contact gmane about including -linux list #26
   ACTION: maggi to contact NCF about using logo on our site
  • status of speakers
    • need speakers ..
   Aleks Essex is giving a talk in April on his voting system
   Russel Mcormand is ready to talk about copyright issues (May?)

bjb, roland: Meeting adjourned at 9:20

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