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Convened at 19:50, at Roland Renaud's house

   maggi   Margaret Tidman
   mcr     Michael Richardson
   rj_re1/rj_ren Roland Renaud
   tyler   Tyler Tidman

Regrets: John Nash. Ian Ward.
  • approval of agenda
  September was not the last meeting we had.
  It was October, a brain storming session, and we approved the September minutes already.
  • Noting interim meetings we had.
  No meeting in November.
  January 6, board gathering at Tim Hortons. No minutes kept.
  RECAP of the January meeting speakers.
  Photo theme will partly continue in February.
  And Josh Bush "cheeze" will talk about the Australia Linux Conference.
  • Review OclugBoardForwardAgenda
  Planning of event with CSSA in the Spring. 
  MCR got into contact. Proposed to perhaps cancel May general meeting, and 
have and even in the last week of April.    Maybe a quake fest: proves your laptop can
do network, audio, and video...
  Need to have plans to deal with people who aren't prepared; no backups for instance.
  Need to have info cards.  Need original disks for any software you have.
  Need to have some alternative plans... assume it's important to bring windows
users up to the clueful point where they can try linux.
  Removeable drives: USB-thumbdrive,USB-cdrom,USB-harddrive, blank-DVDs.blank-CDs.
  PICK August/September date/location before April event.
  • get new business cards, #13
   remind Ian about this. We said to go ahead with this.
  • bank-choices
   ACTION: mcr to ask PC-Financial.
  • MEETING adjourned around 9pm, with some discussion about SQL-LEDGER.
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