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OCLUG Meeting

Present: Rob, Richard, Ian G, Scott, Aaron

At Richard's house: 7pm Sept 26


  • Minutes from previous meetings
  • Getty Images
  • committee reports
    • User Group Connect
    • Linux Helpers
  • Meetup Account for OCLUG
  • Tux migration
    • User Group Connect web site setup
  • Donations still to be deposited

Minutes from previous meetings


Getty Images

  • Richard emailed Rick Leir.
  • Rick has removed the review.

Action: Aaron and Richard to create a letter, review with board, talk to publisher, then send to Getty Images.

Committee Reports

Linux Helpers

Ian did a lightning talk, and has a referral to another possible new Linux person.

Action: Ian and Aaron to call a committee meeting.

User Group Connect
  • Web site working
  • Nice logo from Scott
  • Notes on user groups started in wiki
  • Contacted Adrian/Shopify re: venu - no response yet
  • Starting to contact groups
  • Event Date moving to Feb 9 or 23 (preferred)

Aaron to renew that domain.

Meetup Account for OCLUG

Ian: Board members to look at whether Meetup is useful to us. Then we can decide if it might be useful for our group.

Maybe we should inventory our social networks.

  • Mike Kenzie: Facebook group owner
  • Bart Trojanowsky: Linked IN group
  • ??: Twitter
  • ??:
  • ??: Google calendar (so could be on Google +)

We could set up Tux to Tweet any changes on our site.

Tux migration

Scott: was on vacation so he isn't sure what Ian W. and Brenda have done. Migration has started.

Migration might be done as early as October??

User Group Connect web site setup

Brenda has set up the web site for the group on the new machine. Currently not on its own DNS address.

Financial Report

Donations still to be deposited:

  • Aug meeting: $67
  • Sept meeting: $41

Still to migrate signing authority.

Rob will get a deposit card for the account.

Treasurer not present.

Minutes from previous meetings

April 2012, May 2012, July 2012, August 2012 meeting minutes all corrected and approved.

Meeting adjourned 21:30

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