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OCLUG Board Minutes Feb 15, 2011

Meeting Date: 2011-02-15 at 19:00

Location: Laurier Avenue

  • Approval of agenda



  • Tux setup planning.

Deferred until May

  • Financial Report Statements next meeting

Balance $5039, one NSF cheque bounced.

  • Panic book update(s) Reaching Out doc - feedback next meeting

Domain info. distributed

 * Membership list discussed
    Posting about mailing on linux list, the website, announcement at March meeting.
    AGM in May (May 3), March 7 emailing.
  • Linux Fund CDs
    • JST has emailed, but no response yet
  • O'Reilly books and APress
    • O'Reilly pending
    • APress approved
  • Google Calendar
    • no volunteer yet. We really need ways to automate these tasks.
  • ipv6 Summit – OCLUG should have “sponsor” position.

Ask Bart about publicity. April 29. Demarais Hall

  • Leavitt Memorial Seminars

1st to be Gary Jones on GIMP

   May 9 ??
   Registration? $5 or Collection
   Projector was discussed and JST will investigate.
   Ceiling for subcommittee budget of $1000
  • Review OclugBoardForwardAgenda

Speakers: MCR on ?? remote desktops or ?? for March

             IPv6 for April (practice for summit)
  • Update on action items from last Board meeting

JN needs LinuxPond address from Lisa to send thankyou

          Panic book provides list of handover items
          Suggest BeerSIG handover meeting, given events for May
  • Upcoming meetings AGM May

March – strong mention of need for board candidates

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