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  • Location: Linux in the Wild - Strathcona Park, Ottawa
  • Date: July 15, 2012, about 2:00pm


  • Robert Echlin
  • Aaron Wilcox
  • Richard Briggs
  • Ian Gorman
  • Scott Murphy
  • Mike Kenzie


(No motion to discuss last months meeting - approval of that meetings minutes postponed)


Agenda approved

Shopify move

Moved by Robert that OCLUG meet at Shopify offices, 126 York Street.


  • Location: 126 York Street, half a block east of Dalhousie, in the Byward Market
  • People who have been there liked it
  • Letting people in the door may be an issue, but Shopify is planning to install an entrance call-box to make that easier
  • Parking should be OK, although the nearest parking is paid parking. Is there free parking after 5pm or 7pm in the area?

The motion passed unanimously.


Need to tell membership

  • Big notice on web site
  • notices on all mail lists we have
    • Some lists may not be active anymore and might be deleted. We have had the following lists (and reflectors):
      • Linux
      • Tech
      • Board
      • Board members
      • Photo SIG
      • Sysadmin
      • Events (used by committees organizing events)
      • Announce
  • We will repeat notices on our active “Tech” list (maybe for the next several meetings?)
  • Contact Algonquin - Robert will contact Richard Hagemeyer about our move, and ask about the possibility of creating a student group with involvement from OCLUG members

Committee Status Reports

Open Source Festival

  • Name change to “User Group Connect”
    • Robert and Scott checked this on the web.
      • Several companies “Connect” with the their “User Groups”, so that “User Group Connect” appears on their web site, but they don't seem to use this particular phrase as a trademark.
      • “Adobe Connect User Groups”
      • “Social Connections, the IBM Connections User Group”
      • We decided that our phrase is unique to our group .
  • The committee has decided to go ahead with Oct 20, and to ask Shopify for use of their space
  • We expect to have better response from clubs with a firm date and location
  • We currently have 3 sponsoring groups very interested and 3 groups committed to having a table and staffing it

Small group sessions for new Linux users

This group has not met yet, but Ian has volunteered to set up a meeting soon.

Algonquin Forum

No activity at this time.

Future meeting presentation topics

Several possibilities were discussed:

  • Xen - Richard and MCR?
  • Virtual Desktops - MCR?
  • CA-Cert and PGP Web of Trust - Scott - October
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