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OCLUG Board Meeting

Date: October 29, 2016

Meeting was postponed to the 29th from the 26th due to a lack of quorum.

Meeting convened

  • 14:28


  • Ian Gorman [absent]
  • Scott Murphy [present]
  • John Nash [present]
  • Bruce Davis [present]
  • Kelly Kendrick [absent]

Review of any outstanding minutes

  • Approval of August minutes (approved)

Review of any outstanding business

  • Corporate Filings: Status report (Bruce)
    • The first mail in came back with the need for 2 corrections and has been sent back again. Haven't heard from them since.
  • Financials - what do we do about a treasurer?
    • Need one according to the Charter
    • First step - ask at the next meeting
    • If no one else volunteers, Ian is willing to take the responsibility or treasurer.

Committee Reports

  • New to Linux (New Users)
    • target audience: people who have sort of had it for a while but don't get much use out of it.
  • L3GO (Low Level Linux Group)
    • Ian not here to talk about it and Richard is in India.

This month's Agenda Items

Board Elections

  • Start promoting the Board Elections when?
    • January
  • Who wishes to stay on?
    • Scott (willing)
    • Ian (willing)
    • Bruce (willing)
  • How many board members will we need to solicit
    • We should start soliciting a treasurer
  • How do we acquire board members under age 50?
    • no ideas presented

Meeting Setting

  • Feedback on our current room at Algonquin
    • Could we provide a map? It is someone hard to find if not coming from the west door.
    • Action item: include tips to find the room and parking for upcoming mail-outs.

Raspberry Pi Day

  • seems to not be in the cards

Proposal by John

  • John has a proposal for the board and if we accept it, it should have an owner/committee assigned.
    • Live USB toolkit
    • Arch Linux based, proposed for team project
    • Bruce proposed as head of committee because he doesn't know Linux and will have beginner questions, where others might assume knowledge.
    • set up a GitHub account for OCLUG for collaboration [Scott]

Planned future meetings

2016 Meetings

  • November
    • Tiny Clusters (Working Title)
      • Speaker: Scott Murphy
    • Group Project
      • Speaker: John Nash
  • December
    • Festival Speech Synthesizer
      • Speaker: Scott Murphy
    • Second Topic
      • Speaker:

2017 Meetings

  • January
    • PDP8 emulator & PiDP8 Hardware Panel
      • Speaker: Scott Murphy
    • Second Topic
      • Speaker:
  • February
    • Topic
      • Speaker:
  • March
    • Topic
      • Speaker:
  • April
    • AGM
    • Election
    • Topic
      • Speaker:

Ideas for future meetings

  • MicroVAX will be a topic after Scott gets it all working.
    • HW seems OK now that motherboard has been replaced
    • Issue getting the console working properly

New Business

  • LPR500, power it up to see if old presentations from the wiki are still there. Or pull the disk and read the disk directly.


  • 16:03
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