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AGM and mutt presentation


April Meeting: AGM and mutt presentation

Date: April 2, 2015 at 6:30 p.m.
Location: Rosemount Branch, Ottawa Public Library

This is our AGM and election of board members. At this point, we have enough candidates for an election, however we still have to go through the announcement of the slate to the membership and accept any nominations from the floor. Further details follow.

Following the AGM, we will have a short talk on hard drive recovery from Scott followed by the main presentation on mutt from Richard by Roland.


There will be a one hour pre-meeting item from 17:30 to 18:30 for people who are new to Linux, have general questions, or wish to help out with people who are just getting started.

After Meeting Social:

After the meeting, there will be a social event at one of the nearby pubs or restaurants. A short discussion and vote as to location will be taken then.

GPG Keysigning:

After the main talk and possibly the BoF, there will be the opportunity for a GPG key signing. This is a monthly offering, just look for Scott after the talk and we can go from there. Bring some kind of photo ID and some keyslips if you expect people to sign your key.If you need some method of creating pages of keyslips, there is an online slip generator available.


Annual General Meeting

Speaker: various

This is our AGM and election of board members.

We will have our election of officers at the meeting. As of this point, we have the following people on the slate:

  • Ian Gorman
  • Kelly Kendrick
  • Scott Murphy
  • John Nash
  • Aaron Wilcox

We could use an additional candidate, however five is a comfortable number. Based on the current rules regarding the board, four is the minimum, six is the maximum. We prefer to have more than the minimum in case of circumstances requiring an existing member to step down.

In addition, according to the bylaws of the non-profit corporation, we require at least 20 people to be present, either in person or via proxy. We will have a sign-up sheet for the election and will require all present to sign in order to prove the election was held in compliance with the bylaws.

Proxies can be registered by sending an email to the board email address (board dash members at prior to 17:00 on Wednesday, April 1st so that we have a record prior to the election.


Recent experience with HDD recovery

Speaker: Scott Murphy

In this short talk, Scott will discuss some things that have changed in HDD technology over the years. Of interest to anyone who might want to recover data from a recent vintage drive that no longer operates

About the Speaker

Scott has been haunting server rooms and using/administrating Unix and Unix like systems for more than 30 years now. His background includes IT infrastructure, system administration, deployments and migrations, security and management. He is currently working as a consultant for the federal government.

Mutt email logo

The mutt email client

Speaker: Richard Guy Briggs

Richard will be giving an introductory talk on the mutt email client. This is of interest to anyone who wants a basic understanding of what can be accomplished with a feature rich command line email client. Anyone who thinks a GUI is required for email should attend.

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