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Board Minutes December 2009

Location: IRC Meeting Time : 20:00pm

   maggi  Margaret Tidman
   tylert Tyler Tidman
   EricB1  Eric Brackenbury
   nashjc John Nash


  • Review OclugBoardForwardAgenda
  • Donations from November and December meetings
Roland has November donations, Ian has December donations.  Margaret will get from them and deposit before the end of the year.
* Possible digital photography sub-group
Announcement was made at the December meeting.  Feeling was there was interest... format seems to be general photography talk every so often with possible workshop/tutorial.  Will add to forward agenda.
  • Retiring old email lists that are not being used
Announcement was made at the general meeting.  No objections.  Ian to shut down all email lists except for the Linux lists.  Oculg-politics is to be replaced by an alias to board-members.  info (at) is also available for people to contact us.
  • Potential upcoming meetings
January meeting: Ethical Hacking
February meeting:
  • Book meeting room for January to April 2010
Booking completed for the first Thursday of the month for January to April 2010.  Location is room B457.  (Thanks to Richard H for booking th room for us)
  • Open requests for new Board Members to start the 2010 term in April
Announcement was made at December meeting.  Will announce again at all meetings until the AGM.  
  • Other
Changing corporate address.  nashjc will try to find out if we can use a PO Box, if this is not possible, nashjc is willing to use his home address.
* tylert moved to adjourn, seconded by maggi, ajourned at 21:20.
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