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Board Minutes October 2009

Location: Tidman house Time : 19:00pm

   maggi   Margaret Tidman
   rj_ren  Roland Renaud
   ttidman Tyler Tidman
   nashjc  John Nash


  • Review OclugBoardForwardAgenda
  • Donations from August and October meetings
August donations received from JohnNash, October donations received from Roland
* Possible digital photography sub-group
Decision to hold semi-regular tutorial-type work sessions at either the CodeFactory and/or ExitCertified to discuss topics of interest to linux photography buffs.  
We need to announce this at the meetings.  
ACTION: JohnNash will announce at November.
  • Retiring old email lists that are not being used
Remove all email lists except for linux
ACTION: JohnNash to announce at next meeting that we are doing this
  • Update signing authorities for bank account
Will wait for next board to determine who signing authorities will be
ACTION: Move to ForwardAgenda for May 2010
  • Potential upcoming meetings
December meeting: MythTV
January meeting: Ethical Hacking
  • Other
Maintain communication with LG (Linux Gatineau)
* Margaret moved to adjourn, seconded by John, ajourned at 20:47.
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