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About Us

Linux-Ottawa promotes and supports the use of Linux in the community of Ottawa.

Linux-Ottawa was founded in March, 1997 as OCLUG (Ottawa-Carleton Linux Users Group 1)). Its membership is diverse, ranging from people without computer knowledge to proverbial gurus. Linux-Ottawa was created to help promote Linux in the Ottawa area. We maintain several mailing lists, to help accomplish this goal and to provide technical support. Linux-Ottawa holds monthly general meetings.

Free computer help is provided for those who want to use a computer with Linux. This technical help is provided by volunteers and is available primarily through the Linux-Ottawa Linux Discussion Mailing list (linked from the main menu on the home page).

Steps to Have Your Technical Question Answered:

  1. Subscribe to Linux-Ottawa's Linux Discussion (e-mail) Mailing List.
  2. Following the guidelines of Netiquette outlined on the Mailing List information page, formulate a question for Linux-Ottawa and post it to the Mailing List.
  3. Monitor your e-mail for an answer to your question… and learn about Linux


Most recently, Linux-Ottawa's meetings are being held at the Centennial Branch of the Ottawa Public Library. Please check the main page for meeting time and place as these may vary from time to time. Linux-Ottawa general meetings last roughly two hours.

In past years, meetings have been held at the Ottawa Public Library (Rosemount branch), Shopify, Algonquin College - Woodroffe Campus, University of Ottawa, the Ottawa Public Library (Main Branch), Algonquin College (Lees Campus), and Carleton University.

The meetings typically consist of up to 15 minutes for announcements, one or more shorter talks on Linux-related topics, a main presentation taking up to an hour, and possibly a BoF (Birds of a Feather) session. We aim to cover a range of interests and levels of expertise, from the absolute beginner right through to the expert kernel hacker.

Topics of discussion in past presentations are listed on the Past Meetings page, and any available related materials may be found on the Presentation Slides page. These are both linked from the main menu.

There is no membership fee for Linux-Ottawa. Donations are accepted at meetings (pass of the hat).

If you or your company would like to present or to sponsor a speaker please e-mail: info at


Linux-Ottawa also has a social component. Many of our members get together after the meetings for our monthly Beer 2) SIG (Special Interest Group) This is generally held at a pub near the meeting location. Everyone is welcome to attend, and of course the drinking of beer is entirely optional.

Which evolved to Ottawa Canada Linux Users Group, followed by the current incarnation Linux-Ottawa
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