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OCLUG Board Meeting May 30, 2018



  • Bruce Davis (x)
  • Ian Gorman ()
  • Ed Hong (x)
  • Kelly Kendrick (x)
  • Scott Murphy (x)
  • John Nash (x)
  • Tug Wiliams (x)


Start time:

  • 19:07
  • Call to order - Scott
  • Seconded - Tug


  • Slack Board channel

Review of any outstanding minutes

Approval of previous minutes: approved

Regular Agenda Items

Committee Reports

New to Linux (New Users)

Scott: I seem to remember a new face who chatted with us before the meeting, but I was finishing my slides, so I was not terribly engaged.

  • The consensus seems to be the there were new people, but nobody remembers names.

L3GO (Low Level Linux Group)

IanG: Any details?

OCLUG Customized Bunsen Labs Distro Project Update


Treasurer’s Report

Balance: $5099.19

Mailing List Rework

Completed. I may tweak the CSS for the HTML that wraps everything, but we are complete.

  • To respond to the entire list, you have to hit reply all.

Meeting Rooms

Here are the rooms for the next few meetings: * Thursday, June 7th: Room B119 * Thursday, July 5th: Room P210 * Thursday, Aug 2nd: Room P216A

We also may not be able to get rooms in the future…

From Richard Hagemeyer:

Algonquin is on a huge cost-cutting kick. Parking will no longer be free nights and weekends starting in Sept. The scheduling department is cutting back on staff, so it will likely be more difficult and take longer to book rooms for community groups. I’ve heard (but not confirmed) that all activities will be charged back to individual departments which will delay approvals and increase bureaucracy.

In short, the OCLUG exec may wish to consider other options for September. I will still put in the request, but I have no feel for what will happen with the request.

There we a number of suggestions for alternative to check out should Algonquin no longer be available. These included:

  • Libraries
  • Shopify
  • Rooms at City Hall
  • Other universities
  • High Schools
  • Pubs such as St. James Feed Company, Clocktower, Lieutenants' Pub, etc.

The list of repeating sessions

We have a short for repeating sessions:

  • Outreach - to introduce more people to Linux
  • * Work arounds
  • * Equivalencies
  • * Who are the target audiences?
  • People who want server/websites * People who want home/office based servers
  • People who want to run a family/community server * People who want alternatives to Facebook
  • * Workshops for the public?
  • Distro talk
  • Scripting
  • Lighting Talk night - Ignite format

I’m thinking we should do a Linux Beginner session on a weekend, something along the lines of:

  • Bring a recent vintage laptop that can boot from USB
  • We will provide a linux distro on USB
  • Boot into live mode
  • Show that most cloud services are available
  • Talk about other things we can do with it
  • Talk about next steps

Planned Regular Meetings


Speaker: John Nash Topic: Desiderata for interfaces,CLI or GUI Speaker: Ian Gorman Topic: Git for Beginners


Speaker: Topic: How to do an Ignite talk Speaker: Topic:

Linux in the Wild

Same as last year I would think. Location: Strathcona Park Date: Second Sunday on July @ 13:00 Same format as well. I’ll bring the cooler of drinks and the green one Aaron was hanging on to. People are encouraged to bring something to share.


Speaker: Topic: Speaker: Topic:

List of possible topics

This is a live wish list. It should grow and shrink with the topics we come up with. It is good to have a reference so we don’t lose possible topics. Feel free to add to the list. [X] indicates we did this one.

  • Use the update of the wiki as fodder for discussion? [X]
  • Blogging
  • Tools for making graphics in a productive fashion
    • Ditaa as a possible options
    • Mermaid as a possible options
    • GraphViz
    • Dia
    • Even raw SVG production might be of interest.
  • Node.js
  • MongoDB
  • Arduino Talk (Peter S) [X]
  • AngularJS & VScode
  • Platform independency for application users: Why doesn’t my program work on my computer? [X]
  • MicroVAX (will be a topic after Scott gets it all working)
    • HW seems OK now that motherboard has been replaced
    • Procuring an additional one that might allow me to figure out the remaining issues
    • Issue getting the console working properly
    • New (to me) VAX is on the way (I have it, still in the box)
  • PDP8 emulator & PiDP8 Hardware Panel (More of a short talk) ** Scott Murphy (when completed)
  • Obsolete telephone reuse ** Scott Murphy (has a project in the works) (getting back to that)
  • Need to get back to this
  • Virtual Box and Docker integration
    • Have done a few things with this. Need to put together something
  • Virtualizing a Physical machine remotely, using old tools for new tricks. [X]
  • Grace Hopper Memorial evening - Stories of Bugs
  • Hardware Show and Tell
  • Backup Software
  • Privacy and Security

New business:

Sign in Sheet at meetings

  • could include:
  • *Name
  • * Interests, what do you want to know about
  • * Are you on the mailing list
  • We could formalize the beginning part of the session with a couple of stock items like who we are, the existence of the mailing list, the learning hour, etc. Agreed to start with a basic sign up sheet and build on that as necessary.


* 20:56 * Motion to close: Tug * Seconded: John

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