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Minutes from OCLUG Board Meeting Jan 24, 2022



  • Bruce Davis ()
  • Brett Delmage ()
  • Ian Gorman (X)
  • Marc Moleman ()
  • Scott Murphy (X)
  • John Nash (X)
  • Tug Wiliams (X)

Start time:

Called to order at 19:00 via jitsi (

Review of any outstanding minutes

Both sets of minutes were approved:

Moved and seconded by John and Tug

Regular Agenda Items

Linux-Ottawa Distro Project

  • Distro project - We discussed a few options.
    • antix
    • alpine
    • bunsen on older systems?

Treasurer’s Report

  • Scott has submitted his expenses and the cheque is visible
  • John can take the rest of this item.

Mailing List

  • No update

Linux-Ottawa Hosting

  • Hosting/new server
    • Scott will get the wiki mirrored over
    • Webserver needs to be identified based on what Brett will be using for the mailing list.
      • NGINX (current)
      • Apache
  • Mail server & mailing list
    • The new hosting account is available and those who wished access have it.
    • We will cutover whenever it is ready. We have a deadline of April 1, so that is the latest we can do this.

The list of repeating sessions

  • No action here

Upcoming Regular Meetings

  • Speaker: Ian Gorman
    • Topic: New2Linux: Accessible Linux
  • Speaker: John Nash
    • Topic: Efficient writing by choosing and personalizing open-source tools


  • Speaker: Unknown
    • Topic: New2Linux: TBD
  • Speaker: Scott Murphy
    • Topic: Converting a chrome book to run a full distribution


  • AGM
    • President’s Report
    • Treasurer’s Report
    • Election
  • Speaker: Unknown
    • Topic: New2Linux: TBD
  • Speaker: Unknown
    • Topic: TBD

Future Saturday Event - Leavitt Memorial

  • This is just here so we do not forget it.
    • Date: Unknown - post Covid-19
    • Location: Undecided - library?
    • Summary: How to do an install on your “recent” computer
    • Laptop give-away (assuming we have a few)
      • Scott has a few, which have been recovered from storage.
        • Testing has not yet happened.

New Business

  • Ian mentioned lite websites as an accessible thing


9:00 - Tug & John

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