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OCLUG Board Meeting Dec 27, 2021



  • Bruce Davis ()
  • Brett Delmage (x)
  • Ian Gorman (x)
  • Marc Moleman () Apologies
  • Scott Murphy (x)
  • John Nash (x)
  • Tug Wiliams (x)


  • None as of yet

Start time:




Review of any outstanding minutes

  • Approval of previous minutes.
    • Not approved, the minutes are not yet posted.

Regular Agenda Items

Committee Reports

New to Linux (New Users)

Linux-Ottawa Distro Project

  • Marc was not here to discuss it

Treasurer's Report

  • Scott has logged in again (Dec 25), no change from the previous balance, no added notation. This will be the last time he checks since we have someone else who can now.
  • GNU cash has been set up by John and will be used for accounting.
    • Files will be rsynced to this server into a utility account so that they can be viewed by other members if necesary.
  • Scott will submit expenses to John by Dec 31, 2021 for hosting, etc.

Mailing List

  • Has a dependency on the new server

Linux-0ttawa Hosting

  • The new hosting account is available
    • The domain is now registered with OVH
      • Currently we are using as the domain
    • The DNS is hosted with OVH
    • The hosting site is available. Scott has provided accounts to the people who require them for their duties.
      • Everyone has tested their access.
    • We will cutover whenever it is ready. No later than the expiration of the current hosting.
    • Access to the OVH management console will be provided, along with the backup email account in case something goes wrong.

The list of repeating sessions

  • This is still a thing to review. Has anyone looked at it yet?
    • We should review our repeating sessions list and see if we want to continue them all.

Upcoming Regular Meetings


  • Rob Echlin will talk about “Security Awareness in Application Development”
  • Tug Williams will talk about “A self-contained desktop wiki for notes”


  • John Nash will talk about “Accessible Linux and initial impressions”
  • Brett Delmage will present part 2 of ihis building a mailserver talk

New Business

Brett proposed we look outside for speakers and we have all agreed that this is a good idea. Topics should be at least vaguely related to Linux

* We should review the Portland Linux User Group's meeting history for ideas * We should review our history as well.


  • Tug proposed adjournment 20:32
  • Informally seconded by Scott
  • Forced by dessert calling (It is the season)
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