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Ian Ward

Ian Ward's blog and a number of open source projects are hosted at He has studied Computer Science at Carleton University and the University of Ottawa. He was first introduced to Linux in 1999 while working at Corel.

Ian is available for software work on a contract basis. See http:%%// for more information.

Ian has been an advocate for copyright fairness in Canada.

Talks given:

2008.09.02 September Meeting: Django 1.0 and the OCLUG Web Site

2011.04.05 April Meeting: Python 2 and Python 3

2012.05.03 May Meeting: Gerbi - a CMS for Developers Lightning Talk

2006.04.04 2006 AGM: Urwid

2007.05.31 May Tutorial: Redesigning the OCLUG web site with Django

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