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Convened at 19:35, on #oclug-board, at

   bjb     Brenda Butler
   maggi   Margaret Tidman
   mcr     Michael Richardson
   nashjc  John Nash
   wardi   Ian Ward
   orospakr Andrew Clunis
   rj_re1/rj_ren Roland Renaud

Board minutes

  • approval of agenda

finances added stickers

   Minutes approved by unanimous consent. Version 7
  • Review OclugBoardForwardAgenda
removed fall meeting reminder.
monitor remind item: wardi was doing it, but didn't do it this month, as we missed deadline.
  • review open action items.
    • 4 add link to programming contest page to left-hand side bar
  • 15 nashjc to contact CLO re: speaker(s) for November/December 2007
CLO has not responded yet.
  • 5 bjb to relay lwn's offer to oclug
  • 16 mcr will look at converting phpwiki pages to static HTML.
DONE. agreed to make phpwiki read-only for now, and point people at trac for new content.
  • 17 we need to have a 10-line summary of the process, and an announcement that we are doing this.
not done.
  • 18 NEW ITEM: donation tracking in meeting model on site
      As part of the announcement (on the django web page), we can include an amount
      of donations for each meeting. We will not be displaying this publically.
      (How do we enter the info?) 
  • address new items.
    • Report on Ontario Linux Festival.
      • John Nash
nashjc: OK. I found it fairly interesting and useful. But I think I was focussing on technical matters rather than organizational ones.
nashjc: I had plenty of folk at my forecast talk, which almost mirrored Ted Tso's slides (he promised to send them but hasn't).
nashjc: I went to OLPC and OOo and Jody's OOXML/ODF talks
nashjc: Jody pointed out that OOXML doc, while far from satisfactory, is actually more complete for implementors than ODF standard
bjb: Is that Jody, former OCLUG member and president?
nashjc: Jody Goldberg,  maintainer of Gnumeric
  • Michael Richardson
mcr: I talked to a guy that seemed to be interested in setting up some kind of VC people meet open source people in Ottawa.
mcr: I didn't get his card.
bjb: Isn't that what barcamp is about?
mcr: I saw the OOo talk. they are going to do 3.xx much sooner/faster.
mcr: barcamp isn't really that, AFAIK.
mcr: I didn't find the talks really that interesting. I talked to the exhibitors.
mcr: I talked to people in the halls. I never expect to find the talks interesting.
mcr: The Advocacy roundtable was too short, didn't get around the circle, and was in too noisy a place.
mcr: the real meat occured in the hour afterwards, chatting with various people.
mcr: I had mentioned what I thought CLUE should be doing, and the idea of an exec. meeting for ontario LUGs emerged.
  • What is CLUE doing
minor discussion about pages
  • Possible province-wide executive meeting
MCR asked if there was a half-day meeting, how many would go.
Maggi: maybe, John: if in Ottawa, Roland: maybe, Ian: no.
  • Adopt an NGO
(RussellMcOrmond joins IRC)
mcr: Russell: who started Adopt an NGO?  What is the contact email/list.  Could someone come to a meeting and chat it up a bit?
RussellMcOrmond: AdoptAnNGO: Matthew Rice 
  • Moderation of oclug-announce
mcr: are there any objections to having emergency moderation turned on, and having board members who need to post quickly, have moderation priv?
wardi: no (objection)
maggi: no (objection)
rj_re1: that's how I think it should work
  • Should we demo the new wiki and trac ticket interface in a meeting?
YES. maybe december.
mcr: Will January be lightning talks?
wardi: nothing planned yet
  • Monthly deposits
maggi: picked up deposit book, is there agreement that I should use this going forward to keep better record of deposits?
wardi: maggi: sounds good

bjb: I asked at the bank, and they said if we got a card we could arrange to allow deposits but not withdrawals
Discussion that Bells Corner and/or Kanata Branches may be open on Saturdays.
  • In trac wiki, make page version number visible without having to click on last change, then page history
wardi: I know if you hover on the Last Change link you can see it
wardi: so there might be a way to add it to the template
  • finances
sql-ledger URL seems to have failed. [[:ticket:20]]
maggi: lastly, do you record gst in the ledger or fully expense them?
mcr: we don't make $50K, so we have a choice about whether to process GST or not.
  • stickers
confused. no real item.
  • status of speakers
november booked.
December half booked.
January will be lightning talks.
December trac talk... Brenda?
  • adjournment.
(21:07:56) mcr: ADJOURN!
(21:08:06) wardi: second
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