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Board Minutes September 2007

Feel free to add an item of discussion to the OCLUG Board Agenda.

This meeting: Sept 25, 2007 Location: Roland's house

Present: JohnNash, RolandRenaud, IanWard, MargaretTidman, MichaelRichardson, BrendaButler

Approve Last Month's Board Meeting Minutes

  • 2007 August BoardMinutesAugust2007

Moved by: JohnNash

 Seconded by: RolandRenaud\\
 Unanimous to approve version 8 of minutes, abstain IanWard.  

Review ForwardAgenda

 No items to add.

Review Open Action Items.

  • ACTION: Roland to make appointment to visit bank (secondary signers)


  • ACTION: maggi to ask bart re tracking of the donations at tutorials.


Anyone can create an account on the trac. Use the REGISTER button.

  • ACTION: bjb to ask Charles if Oct 14, 2007 is ok for sysadmin work party, and get on with organizing

October 14 is okay for work-party. MichaelRichardson and JohnNash may be in Toronto at


  • NEW ITEM: add link to programming contest page to left-hand side bar


  • ACTION: nashjc to contact CLO re: speaker(s) for November/December 2007

JohnNash to remind CLO about this item.

Address New Items

  • NEW ITEM: bjb to relay lwn's offer to oclug

At OLS, bjb talked to John Corbet, lwn to offer 3 month trial subscription to lwn.

 We need to announce this to the members. \\
 ACTION: send announcement, and document on web site. \\
  • NEW ITEM: wikipedia topic Linux_User_Group points to Linux Online (external links) which has outdated info about us:

 ACTION: JohnNash \\
  • NEW ITEM: phpwiki updating

Some done today. gives all the pages.
  • NEW ITEM: mcr asks if we should retire phpwiki in favour of using trac's wiki.

MCR asks if we can convert automatically…. no.

 Ian points out that phpwiki has vulnerabilities. \\
 ACTION: mcr will look at converting phpwiki pages to static HTML. \\
 DISCUSSION ensused.\\
 We agreed to make phpwiki read-only for now,
 and point people at trac for new content. \\
 We need to have a 10-line summary of the process, and an announcement
 that we are doing this.
  • NEW ITEM: donation tracking in meeting model on site

As part of the announcement (on the django web page), we can include an amount

 of donations for each meeting.  We will not be displaying this publically.
  • NEW ITEM: Open Source Weekend decided to wind-up, and donate the resulting

money to OCLUG.

  • NEW ITEM: meeting locations, hold downtown again sometimes?

A number of people have expressed displeasure with the Algonquin College location,

 and would prefer it was downtown again, maybe sometimes. \\
 Some discussion.  Noted that a number of people are attending at Algonquin
 who did not attend downtown.  Start a wiki page... \\
 OclugMeetingLocationOptions \\
 Proponents are asked to please come up with location suggestions.

Status of Speakers

  • October - MichaelRichardson
  • November - DavidSkoll on Remind, (Pat on eee)
  • December - open/CLO?
  • January - Transcendental Virtualization (migration of windows to PC at Zen buddhist monastery)
  • Ideas - Herb @ Storm on rural wireless/Linux at an ISP
  • ACTION: We need to announce January meeting will be the second Tuesday.

More Items

  • announce availability of funds for projects that promote OSS/Linux in Ottawa
  • ACTION: put announcement/web page up, inviting proposal for projects to promote linux in

Ottawa area. OCLUG will subsidize up to $500 for expenses.

 (This to include proposals to bring in a speaker from elsewhere) \\
 MichaelRichardson and JohnNash. \\
  • Discussion about different ways to spend money to promote linux.
  • Software Freedom Day

What happened? Who was there, why what how.

 Can we get a report from Dru about this? \\
 (Added to forward agenda for 2008) \\
 ACTION: We will invite Dru to join us for a meeting (maybe with CLO as well?) in the winter to discuss this.
  • Brenda: do we wish to add GTEC to forward agenda? Answer is no.

Brenda: what about JohnNash is talking about it. MichaelRichardson.

 ACTION: we will put a linux on our site. ticket:12 \\
 Brenda: what about second event... YorkUniversityOpenSourceSymposium.
  • Discussion about other Toronto events.

Rather focus efforts locally. For instance, Mooney's Bay Computers.

 Find a way to encourage more retailers to offer a Linux offering. \\
 ticket:13 - maybe help some stores put together stock/everything-works desktop/laptop offerings.
  • More brainstorming about how to promote linux.
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