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OCLUG Board of Directors Meeting November 1, 2011 19:30 to 20:45 at Simply Biscotti (Preston Street)


John C. Nash\\
Aaron Wilcox\\
John Taylor\\

Continued at Algonquin College B159 Thurs November 3, 2045 - 2105. Present:

John C. Nash\\
Aaron Wilcox\\
Rob Echlin\\
Mike Kenzie\\
Rob Day\\

Nov 1 - Quoram missing, but various topics were discussed and prepared for approval. Notations included from Nov 3 meeting to indicate specific approvals. No items were repudiated Nov. 3.

  • Finance

Nov 3. Treasurer gave informal report that all cheques have cleared. October

 donations of $20 were passed in by Aaron Wilcox, and Nov donations of $??? noted.
 Aaron submitted request for reimbursement of re-registration of domain.
  • Signing authority arrangements
    1. Who is our rep? What arrangements does he need? JN volunteered to find out and make arrangements.
  • Tux logins to stop wikispam?
    1. Suggestion we ask the lists to help clean up wiki, and modify to reqire vetting of new user on wiki, vetted by volunteer and or board member. JN will ask list pending approval. At Nov general meeting Brenda Butler volunteered to find out. JN to be contact for follow-up.
  • Seminars (Leavitt / with NCF / other talks)?
  1. JN has not had chance to talk to OCLUG members about this. Nov 3 meeting approved go-ahead to start arrangements for sometime early 2012.
  2. Email exchange with Ross Kouri of NCF (new Exec Director) suggests interest in joint promotion of something like Leavitt e.g., on Open/LibreOffice or LaTEX. They are looking at doing seminars on social media.\
  1. Ask on the list for anyone who is an expert in Open/LibreOffice or is an expert on one angle of the program to help with the presentation. We possibly will be going with several experts on the different areas of the program.
  2. Can we team up with Jean Francois, and build the deck in French as well and then run it again with Linux Gatineau. (Discussed with J-F just before the Nov 3 Board meeting and response is positive.
  3. Meetings following seminars should focus on the technical and QA for the subject of the seminar.
  • Speakers for upcoming meetings
    1. Rob and Rob to provide their list.

*Motion to exchange contact information for all board members. Approved by consensus.

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