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Board Minutes August 2008

Location: Margaret and Tyler's house.

   maggi   Margaret Tidman
   rj_ren  Roland Renaud
   ttidman Tyler Tidman
   mcr     Michael Richardson
   nashjc  John Nash
   wardi   Ian Ward


  • approval of agenda
passed unanimously
passed unanimously
  • Review OclugBoardForwardAgenda
items added for 2009.
  • Still to do: Review/followup Suggestions from ticket tracking
Outreach to universities: John Nash has been trying to contact CS departments.
Could we co-sponsor an event with Carleton CS/Ottawa U CS.
"Back to school with Linux". 
  • Ubuntu CDs received
Ubuntu CDs are not yet on library shelves. Likely waiting for vacations to return.
Tyler will prod to make sure that they are available.
  • status of speakers
    • meeting room arrangements
    Karen Ballard <>
    Support Services Officer  (web site says she's "budget officer")
    Computer Studies Department
    Algonquin College
    T307b - Woodroffe Campus
    (613)727-4723 ext. 5948
  • need speakers for September
   Two speakers for September.
   The room is T117. The dates are: September 2. October 7. November 4. December 2.

   Need speakers for Oct/Nov/Dec.   
Let's present a list on Tuesday of ListOfApplications.
  • get new cards new cards, #13
June 2008: get pamphlets printed up

We got some quotes for brochures, Ian's were the best, but we need to find the list again.
ACTION: Ian will look this up again. 
  • June 2008: determine how many business card are left, order more.
ACTION: order more business cards.
  • June 2008: look at tux backups
We need to organize another work-party.
TUX is at Richard's house.
Spare-TUX still needs ram.
ACTION: MCR will organize a work-party.
  • New Business
  • onlinux.
  Anyone planning to go to  End of October.
  JCNASH: maybe.
  MCR: maybe.
  Tyler/Maggi: maybe.
  • moderation of oclug-announce list (spam issue)
  oclug-announce was letting spam through.
  who are the moderators?  Ian can moderate, and Brenda can.
  DaveEdwards (dle) needs someone else to moderate the linux-novice list.
  • programming olympics page. AlgonquinProgrammingOlympics
  The programming olympics page is still 2007.  We need to post the 2008 results.
ACTION: Need to ask Bill Case to update the page, or move it to the wiki.
  Need to get pictures.
  • bank choices
  Discussion about changing away from Alterna Bank.
  Is it worth changing banks? we'd have to make a trip to branch as a group.
ACTION: MCR will ask PCFinancial. 
  • power bars for TheCodeFactory power bars: #39
We will look at purchasing about $200 of these, and ask the members if they want to order some as well.
  • A THANK YOU TO MARGARET and TYLER for organizing LitW.
Adjourned at 21:02.
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