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OCLUG Board meeting

Date: 2014-06-26, 19:00 EST(-5:00) Location: irc://


  • Approval of minutes
  • Committee Reports
  • Forward Agenda
  • LITW - July
  • August Meeting Topic
  • September Topic Covered - Kenn Hussey will give a talk on Puppet, might be handing out swag as well.
  • Shopify move? Not planning on UGC until we know what is happening.


  • Richard Guy Briggs
  • Scott Murphy
  • Aaron Wilcox
  • Kelly Kendrick
  • Ian Gorman

Approval of Minutes

  • May minutes approved.

Committee Reports

  • UGC
    • Nothing has happenned.
    • We are still waiting on news from Shopify about their new space: Timing, Size, Accessibility, Availability. Latest news is they move in September.
    • The inclination is to bump it until next year to make sure we have a venue for it and sufficient lead time to notify people.
  • Volunteer
    • The June regular meeting was moved to the pub (Smoque Shack), starting at 19:00. Aaron reports that he was the newest user within earshot.
  • L3GO
    • 5 people showed up for Monday June 9th meeting.
    • There is now a mailing list with 6 people on it.
    • There are still people joining the meetup group, up to 62 people.
    • There is still no web site, but RGB had briefly asked Ian ward about it and he gave me another choice of framework I had to learn at least a bit about before making a decision.
    • Scott asked if we had a graphic yet. No, but this is a good point. aalib brick? L^3GO in lego font?
    • Next meetup is during OLS, July 14th or 15th. Make it a BOFS?
    • August meetup is 11th or 12th, RGB out of town, IEGorman will host.
    • Add l3go mailing list to list wiki page, even add


  • Aaron went into Alterna Bank to see about more frequent statements: He didnt' have account number, so was not able to get more than general information (annual, quarterly, monthly on business accounts)

Forward Agenda

  • Business Continuity Plan
    • No action yet on virtualizing tuxbis or firing up the 2nd v20z.
    • Scott has checked the mirror recently and everything is fine.
    • Scott will look at documenting packages, services and accounts over next month with assistance from Kelly.
    • Someone (wardi?) had asked rgb about firing up tux to get some data from it (old CMS?).

LITW - July

  • RGB to regiester Hacker Bike Ride as OLS BOFS.
  • Scott will pick up drinks, he has a cooler.
  • ASW has a cooler, disposable cups and other supplies from Rob, will restock on items.

August Meeting Topic

  • Date: August 7th, 19:00
  • Jerome Jacovella-St-Louis on eC:, RGB confirmed.

September Meeting

  • Kenn Hussey will give a talk on Puppet, might be handing out swag as well.

Shopify Move

  • Not planning on UGC until we know what is happening.
  • Regular OCLUG meeting bookings should continue until move.

Next Board Meeting

  • July 24, turn for having it in person, but may be IRC. RGB will be away.

Meeting adjourned at 21:59

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