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Board Minutes May 2009

Location: Tidman house Time : 19:45pm

   maggi   Margaret Tidman
   rj_ren  Roland Renaud
   ttidman Tyler Tidman
   nashjc  John Nash
   wardi   Ian Ward
   eric    Eric Brackenbury
   rechlin Rob Echlin


Approved unanimously.
Approved unanimously.
  • Review OclugBoardForwardAgenda
Done.  LS2009 bus determined to be too difficult so will be withdrawn.
We should announce BackToSchoolWithLinux at all meetings between now and September (June & August).
  • Programming Olympics page. AlgonquinProgrammingOlympics
Rob Echlin, John Nash, Tyler Tidman, Margaret Tidman have volunteered to judge.
Discussed judging criteria used other years.
Decision was made to allow both a $500 prize and an optional $250 additional prize if there is a second worthy team.
  • Donations from May meeting
Cheque has been submitted to the Treasurer.
* Change board email list 
Continue to use board-members alias as before.
* Possible digital photography sub-group
Decision to hold semi-regular tutorial-type work sessions at either the CodeFactory and/or ExitCertified to discuss topics of interest to linux photography buffs.  
We need to announce this at the meetings.  JohnNash will start another wiki page to try to reign in this chaos.
  • Update on Linux in the Wild
Site L at VincentMasseyPark has been booked for July 26th.
* Upcoming meetings
June meeting... panel/unpanel on distros, why,how,where,...ISSUES, not ANSWERS.
Advertise more stuff on wiki at meeting.
  • Update signing authorities for bank account
Remove bjb and mcr... add john and tyler.
ACTION: Maggi to contact Alterna to see which branch we have to go to.
  • Other
TUX BACKUPS: WORK session to raidify and backup TUX.
ACTION: John to bring up at next general meeting to get volunteers
* John moved to adjourn, seconded by Eric, ajourned at 21:54.
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