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Board Minutes April 2009

Location: Roland Renaud's house.

   maggi   Margaret Tidman
   rj_ren  Roland Renaud
   ttidman Tyler Tidman
   mcr     Michael Richardson
   nashjc  John Nash
   wardi   Ian Ward
   eric    Eric Brackenbury


approved unanimously.
approved unanimously. 
One change from Margaret.
  • Review OclugBoardForwardAgenda
passed unanimously. 
back to school items updated.
  • Roles of new Board Members
  ** John Nash - President/Spokesperson
  ** Roland Renaud - Speaker Coordinator
  ** Margaret Tidman - Treasurer
  ** Eric Brackenbury - Member at Large
  ** Tyler Tidman - Secretary
  ** Ian Ward - Vice-President
  • End of School with Linux - with CSSA
  April 28. Location: C0136. (SITE)
  Volunteers: John (11-1), Brad Hudson (12-4), Damien Jero (1-4), 
              Michael (2-4), Sylvia Boyd (4-close)
  Equipment: router, monitor.
  Will bring: old laptop, 8-port hub, network cables, USB cdrom drive.
  Tyler has ~45 CDs, need to get some CDs from him.
  Dry run for September.
  • Back to School with Linux - with CSSA
  September 7th event. Noted.
  • Upcoming meetings
  May 5 is next meeting: WINE, and REGEXP.
  new linux people BOF report: short talk on topics such as window managers,
          - wifi
          - google earth
          - MEPIS?
          - slocate
          - command line editing.
          - boot loaders
          - package managers
          - KDE4, user visible changes.
          - mythtv, 
          - cygwin
          - virtualization.
ACTION: Add these to wiki page.

  June meeting... panel/unpanel on distros, why,how,where,...ISSUES, not ANSWERS.
  Advertise more stuff on wiki at meeting.

  Who was the NOT-NEW-TO-LINUX BOF? Notes from it? None to report.

  followup with FOSSLC Summercamp.
  • Meeting room arrangements
  done for may/june/august.
  • Get more business cards, #13
  still open.
  • Programming Olympics page. AlgonquinProgrammingOlympics
  margaret has been in contact with Rex Woollard, and Charlie Inglis.
* Updating the Board of Directors page that is linked from the main page
  • Other
  TUX BACKUPS: WORK session to raidify, and backup TUX.
Meeting adjourned at 
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