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Board Minutes March 2009

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Feel free to add an item of discussion to the OCLUG Board Agenda.

'2009-03-17, John Nash's place.


PRESENT: nashjc, maggi, mcr, roland, tyler. regrets: Ian (present in IRC)

Important fact that we obsessed over: all flavoured chips have MSG, except those from shoppers drug mart.
  • approval of agenda
added AGM issues.
no questions about what was discussed. These are not official.
no motion.
  • AGM preperation
- Ian put up candidates page.
- we have 5 people running, MCR not standing again.
- should send out an email at the time: oclug-announce.
- Roland has ballot box.
- maggi will make ballots up.
- we will ask for a volunteer from the group to scrutinize.
- discussion about bylaws and how/if/when to change it.
- need a membership list. (ACTION: mcr)
- ice-breaker question: what do you want OCLUG do this coming year?
  • Review OclugBoardForwardAgenda
- noted no work on Programming Olympics. Added item to agenda!
- added LitW booking.
  • Programming Olympics.
- maggi will coordinate contacting Programming Olympics people.
- coordinate with last year's judges: Don Kelly, Rob Echlin, John Nash, Tyler Tidman.
- would look for more publicity for involvement of OCLUG.
- do we need more judges? different judges?  Does not think so.
- do we want to offer more prizes? bigger prizes?
NAMES: Rex Woolard, Ian Allen, Richard Hagemeier.
* Back to School with linux.
- had meeting with CSSA executive at 6:40pm today.
- April 28 for first event.
- poster ready by around March 30, to be posted at OttawaU.
- OCLUG to provide 2-3 bodies, 11am to 4pm, room to be determined. Suggested 2-3 shifts.
- September 7 (labour day) is date for second event.
- announcement to be made at April 7 meeting.
- ACTION: nashjc to contact M.Racine about network access: cabling, but also sample accounts for VPN and WPA2 (several)
- business cards, brochures, CDs, network cables, access point, switch.
- publicity! ASK OBJ, Russell, IT*, Rotonde, Fulcrum to cover this.
  • get new business cards, #13
- remind Ian to get cards.
  • bank-choices
MCR asked PC-Financial, and it is not an option.
  • upcoming meetings.
- speaker for April? It's an AGM.
- AJH.
- resume speaker who ran out of time in March: WINE appreciation.
- beginners talking about a BOF!
- much discussion about how to pitch talks at different levels of people.
  • tux management.
- if tux dies, board has decided not to repair it, but to replace or virtual host. (tux not yet dead)
- we should verify backups (ACTION: mcr to look at this again, ask wardi to backup too)
- ACTION: maggi, compensate RGB for hosting cost.
  • other
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